Should police officers be arrested if they falsely accuse or arrest a civilian?

  • Of course they should

    If the police break the law than they are subject to the same punishments. The whole principle behind law is that no-one is above the law. Not sure what crime has been committed in this case but it is clearly doing wrong against the state and so would be a criminal offence.

  • Something needs to be done

    I'm not sure if arresting a police officer is the answer, but police officers need to be held accountable. We have to many situations occurring today where police officers are abusing their power. This needs to stop. The relations between communities and police officer have gotten to an all time low. Accountability surrounding police officers needs to change.

  • Law is same for all.

    As you can say that, police officers are civilians in some sort. So, if they accuse some wrong person then that is their mistake. Moreover, the whole accuse and arrest process takes lot of time of a civillian which gets wasted. So, the police should not accuse anyone before they have some sort of solid evidence with them which makes them sure about the criminal.

  • Arresting a police officer for what is essentially a mistake insinuates that human error is unacceptable.

    Human beings are flawed creatures; we are known to make mistakes, and as police officers are humans as well, they are entitled to the same understanding as anyone else. By arresting a police officer for a false accusation, we are not only wasting the time, money and resources of the precinct then responsible for processing him or her, we are also setting a standard of perfection for law enforcement professionals—a standard that is clearly impossible to maintain and is not expected of the population at large. That is not to say that an officer should not be reprimanded for false accusations, but the Constitution forbids any cruel or unusual punishment, and the arrest of an officer for making a mistake certainly qualifies as such.

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