• Yes they should

    Have you watched the show cops? Cops put their lives in the line every dayfor us. They risk their lives for civilians who they don't even know. They go into dangerous situations. Tgey deal with drug lords and burglars and rapists and murderers. They get charged and assaulted by criminals. Sometimes criminals take their guns and shoot them or kill them in other ways. It's a hard and dangerous job and they help many people.

  • Better officers require more salary!

    You must accept compensation is part of the equation. Many complain about what they perceive as omnipresent law enforcement, when given a traffic ticket, summons, or instructed to "leave the premises". Yet, some of the same people scream bloody murder if a bicycle is stolen or a shed on their property is broken into: "WHERE ARE COPS WHEN YOU NEED 'EM"? We cannot have it both ways.

    We can lessen complaints by requiring more training, and paying better salaries. My father was a corrections officer, the ''LAWN ORDER" crowd never bellowed about paying him a better salary to guard those dangerous monsters they want imprisoned.

  • The MMM Votes Yes!

    Police Officers Are American Heroes And Patriots! They Should Get Paid More For Sure. These Heroes Deserve More Respect Than They Get Right Now. The Mystery Man Movement Supports This Effort One Hundred Percent. We Need Your Help To Raise The Salary For The Officers. Please Vote Yea On This.

  • I call bs on how they say police are paid enough.

    I am a police officer in georgia. We are only paid 30k a year before taxes. Working 12 hour shifts and having to tell your family bye and not knowing you will come home is not worth 14 an hour. I am working on my degree so I can potentially get a better job to make a better living for my family.

  • I think police officers should get paid more.

    Why? Here's why. Police officers protect us in our daily lives. They help you when you need it, they make you feel safe. Not everyone does that, but every police person does, plus they risk their whole life for us. Also, they train and dedicated their life to make sure their people are safe and secure in the area they live.

  • What they deal with and see.

    Police officers put their life on the line every day for people they don't even know. They see things they can't erase or be unseen. They have to see people dying, dead bodies, kids crying, people hurting a night it comes back to them and haunts them. They lose sleep and police officers have a higher rate of suicide due to everything they go through and see on a daily bases. People yell at them for trying to do their work or didn't get there in time but when they help someone they hardly ever get a thank you.

  • Yes they should

    All emergency services work tirelessly around the clock to help save lives, improve our community and look after and protect us,only to be faced with cuts,low wages and a lack of acknowledgement (they don't get noticed).

    L I b b y a A n d R y a n e

  • They help the world

    There always risking there lives to protect you idiots sitting on your computers,or ps3s.And there always on the lookout never giving up and you know what there my hero my role model my god.So you people out there stealing and messing up in the world just stop before you jack this whole world up!!!!!!!

  • More money=better police

    Better salaries would mean less corrupted police. Underpaid policemen can be even more dangerous than a middle-class criminal. I hope also that better salaries would lead to respect to regular citizens... Otherwise, they have dangerous jobs, which deserves reward to them and their families (which also should stay happy, to keep policemen happy)

  • Yes, they should

    Police are nowadays under more danger at any given time than most American soldiers are in every day day to day procedures. Plus, every officer does just as much if not more daily for America than the average American does in a whole month. Then there is the simple fact that officers of today's society are so severly mistreated and hated upon for just doing there job.

  • From an American

    No they do not deserve more pay, They already get good health benefits and not to fucking mention they are police officers. . . They up hold the law and have one of the strongest governments behind their backs. So no, They do not deserve more pay and being a cop is NOT a skill

  • From a Canadian perspective

    I do agree that American police deserve better pay. Canadian RCMP however, very often enjoy 6 figures salaries and enjoy pension plans more lucrative than just about every other public sector employee. Policing currently consumes the largest percentage of municipal/city budgets as well. I believe that Canadian police officers are currently paid more than adequately.

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