Should Police Resources Be Used Against Prostitution?

  • Yes it should be.

    I don't think there is anything wrong with prostitution and the Canadian government seems to agree. As long as it is illegal in the United States it mush be policed. There are too many criminals and wrongdoers in this trade. There is also potential for underage people to be involved.

  • Prostitution is not a crime.

    The person saying police resources should be used for this agrees that prostitution should be decriminalized. Prostitution is the first profession in human society. Anyone that is against prostitution usually favors an argument against human trafficking. No decent person could be in favor of human trafficking, but if a person chooses to have sex for money, the law should not tell them they do not have the right to use his or her body that way. The criminalization of prostitution takes us down the road to criminalizing tattoos and junk food. What's the limit to your own right to your own body?

  • No, I think prostitution should be decriminalized.

    I don't think police should waste so much time busting prostitutes because there are violent crimes happening all around and would be a better use of their time. I believe that they police should only assist if a prostitute is being attacked or in trouble. There is too much focus on the petty crimes.

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