• Yes, They should be allowed.

    Yes, because every neighborhood has the potential of going haywire. The fact that some neighborhoods are already on the verge of going insane, it would indeed be important to have access to the police transmission. YES,some may say it will interfere with investigation, but still to this day criminals are captured with police scanners. What does that tell you. Fact is new technology is smarter than man, indeed it keeps improving.

  • Yes, and they already are.

    Police scanners are already in lots of households, especially in small towns (from my experience), and what they broadcast eventually becomes public knowledge, so in the spirit of not censoring information, it seems that police scanners should be open to the public. Are they in poor taste? Yes. They basically appeal to busybodies, but that's America.

  • NO they should not be open to the public

    In the age of social media, scanner calls have been taken to a whole other level - people have created their own sites on Facebook just to post the information they hear over the scanner simply for other's entertainment. Well you can just imagine the garbage and nightmare a site like that easily invites and involves ...All the gossip, slander, judging, cruel and nasty remarks, people talking about complete strangers and things they may know little or nothing about...Aired for the whole public to see and participate in. I don't think scanner information ought to be used as fodder on the internet for the public's entertainment. Its in poor taste and inappropriate. For example, who wants their medical emergency aired on some public Facebook site for complete strangers and anyone who pleases to be weighing in? Not me! Instances like this can be very sensitive and personal to somebody and there are other scenarios as well like domestic abuse, suicide or suicide attempts, murder, family disputes, on and on. It can really make you feel like your privacy has been invaded should a situation involve you or someone close to you to see complete strangers and anyone else who chooses to be talking and gossiping about it on some public social media site! Seems unethical and inappropriate to even allow these kind of things to be posted for people's entertainment...Too many people who have nothing better to do I guess and really need to get a life!

  • No police scanners should not be open to the public

    No, I do not think that the public is capable of handling police scanners and that the police scanners should only be held by law enforcement. If too many people were to get their hands on police scanners I think that they would religiously follow law enforcement as they try to do their jobs and get in the way.

  • No, police scanners should not be open to the public.

    I believe that police scanners should not be open to the public. Some people are either very nosy or curious and try and rush to observe a fire, accident, or other emergency when they hear about it on the scanner. Often those onlookers can get in the way of a rescue or needed help. Traffic can be tied up, causing yet another accident.

  • No, they shouldnt be open to the public.

    It would be counter productive to allow the public to listen to or own a police scanner. For instance' You have a criminal on the run. He is hiding out in an old abandoned house, armed and dangerous. He has one up on the police because he has a police scanner. Another case would be; what if a crook broke into your home and was hiding out? You are the hostage and you own a scanner. The crook hears the police know where they are. They need to dispose of their witnesses. Thanks police scanners!

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