• Police dogs are by far the best tactical tools the police use.

    They are cost-efficient, bomb, drug and contraband detectors. Police dogs are some of the most well trained animals on the planet. Police dogs save more lives through their peripheral actions than the damage that has been directly attributed to engagement with a criminal. Police dogs are not trained to kill they are trained to restrain and subdue. Plus liberal fascists are afraid of them... That's always a plus... Lol

  • Not to attack but for smells

    Dogs can be very helpful in picking up smells of narcotics and of explosives. They have been used in the past very successfully. I do not think that they should be attacking people but I believe for operations like the ones that I mentioned earlier we should still use police trained dogs.

  • Police dogs cannot be controlled.

    Recently in the news, there was an unarmed naked man in San Diego who was viciously attacked by a police dog. Police dogs should not be used because they cannot be controlled by the police. Police dogs were used during the civil rights era unjustly on protesters. It is not right for the animal to be forced into these dangerous situations.

    Posted by: B2C

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