• Yes, school police officers should be armed.

    Students are getting worse and worse behaved every year. Police officers need to be armed at school because it is to dangerous for them to be unarmed. In high school there are future murderers there. Many of them even have already started selling drugs. Police officers have a right to be safe.

  • Our children need to be protected.

    School police officers need to be armed in order to provide adequate safety for our children. In cases like what happened in Connecticut, if there was armed school police officers, innocent lives could have been spared and their families would not have to know what it is like to lose a child. The community as a whole could have been spared such a tragedy.

  • Yes, they should be armed.

    Yes, I believe school police officers should be armed. Police officers patrolling our city streets are armed, so why shouldn't school officers also have a gun in case a deadly situation would arise? There have been many crimes committed in schools, especially crimes involving guns. If anyone is going to intervene in these kinds of situations, it should absolutely be a trained officer with a gun.

  • Police, not teachers, should be armed.

    I think at the moment, it's the least we can do. I would like to think that if I was a parent, having an armed police officer at the school would make me feel better. Police are trained and know what to do and what not to do. I think they all should be armed regardless of where they are. I'd much rather have an armed officer than an armed teacher who may not know what to do under pressure.

  • Yes they should

    Yes I think that we should have to arm every and all school police Officers because it can help protect our students and of course it can keep our students away from alcohol and drugs of course ok ok so we should have to arm every and all school police officers

  • Better protection against threats towards the school

    They are trained to apprehend threats towards society everyday so why can't we just put them where they are needed most. They are the only ones that can properly protect schools and do an effective job especially when in danger. Their job is to protect our community so they can protect a major part our schools. As a student I don't want my future to be ended because no one was ther to protect us.

  • Yes school should have armed law enforcement officers about guns on officers in general

    Getting a hold of the gun is not easy and officers should be properly trained no matter what city and or state there should be no one person more suitable for a position. As for the gun most holsters have many safety locks that an officer must work his hand around to get the gun out and the gun itself most have safety feature for example if the gun is loaded but the magazine well is empty it will not fire. The gun will be useless. In my opinion the gun should always be empty in a school building and if authorities need to use it reload the magazine from the ammo pouch only and like I said the guns useless if the gun is somehow taken. A tactical reload to use the weapon is enough clear indicator that an officer needs it. In NYC we school safety agents are law Enforcement officers not security guards but currently no arms no protection and no given vest! We are trained with and by police officer all the same but no weapons training we get thousands of weapons including loaded guns every year! We have prevented countless murders and potentially loss of life but we are not perfect and need more protection ourselves! We had guns discharge in our schools and we have school murders! We do everything a police officer does except the self protection and we all should know if we don’t have the tools there’s only so much we can do

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  • Arming School Police officers is the best thing we can do considering our current situation.

    Totally agree with jakelepper. If the school police is armed, they can quickly eliminate the perpetrator before he even gets the opportunity to kill countless of innocent students. Worst case scenario, the perpetrator, unfortunately, manages to injure one or two students before he is eventually located and permanently immobilized by the school police. However, without guns, the school police would have no way of stopping the perpetrator, and the perpetrator would be free to proceed with the massacre. In addition, by simply knowing that school police officers are armed, future perpetrators would be less inclined to carry out their sinister plans at all!

  • As a high school student, it would be very comforting although disappointing.

    Unfortunately today, students and faculty alike need protection from the violence that an active shooter would bring to a school. Such a devastating event is prevalent in America. A trained, experienced officer would be an example of a responsible adult to students. It would be very reassuring and somewhat unsettling once one realizes the gravity of this necessary security measure.

  • Schools should not have police officers armed because of the safety needed in schools

    With supported weapons at schools, Using guns can be useful. But most of the times, Schools are set in safety at school, And not much violation in laws are made. Most of the time it is children that are in school. Even with not much harm that is being caused, Police can turn a small issue into a bigger issue. There can be unnessesary arrests made, And police can tend to assault without purpose because of their authority over students. Suggesting to watch online videos, Students are shot and also can feel unsafe because of the weapons that police are armed with. Not everyone will feel easy because there are weapons at school. Think of this situation as a fire. Adding fuel and waves to a small fire will motivate the fire to keep burning. Police that are involved with problems can help fuel the fire. The situations that are caused between students should be dealt among themselves, Not with dangerous weapons. As they say, Actions speak louder than words. The process of waiting and going through to solve the problem is the wait when firefighter and people who are aware, To begin to help. We should always have that small moment to think about whats going on around us, And to be aware instead of using weapons. Police serve to protect, Not to attack. Their purpose is to serve as guardians and teach people about safety. They are also supposed to warn of threats, Not cause them. Only if needed of illegal usages or special attention, Police should not be armed at school. This is a learning place, Not a war zone.

  • Why there should not be armed police In school.

    Firstly, it makes the students feel intimidated. Armed police, walking around with massive guns, students can’t concentrated in school. Students will be scared, terrified and daunted. Not only that but they can get any weapons from the police and play around or even injured someone and carry them to school and back home. Would you like that happened to any of your family?

  • No, that is unsafe

    Police officers on schools being armed would spell disaster. There is too great a chance of them acting too quickly and harming someone innocent, losing control, or snapping. There is also the risk of a student getting hold of the weapon and using it and hurting other students, whether on accident or on purpose. It just creates too great a risk.

  • No, school police officers should not be armed.

    More guns in an area with small children who are not trained in how to be near an armed weapon is a formula for disaster. We barely have enough money to properly educate our students. Now we are expected to pay for armed guards to protect them? Society as a whole needs to change, but adding guns to a place where very few individuals are proficient in operating them only increases the likelihood of accidents.

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