• Should be banned

    These campaign ads should be banned because on all of the lying most of these ads do, most of the companies that are sponsor the campaign ads are lying about there other running mate. Personally I Despise of these ads, even when I am trying to watch the simple world news I see all of these ads.

  • Should be banned

    These advertisements need to be banned asap. The political governments use these ads as methods and means of campaigning to simply gain votes for their parties. They neither speak about what new laws they will implement if they are elected neither do the convey the policies and programmes of the government. They use these means to insult and humiliate other political parties and even if they do speak about policies they are never actually carried out ir taken into action when gullible people are allured by them and thus they vote for them. It needs to go.

  • They are useless

    People running for office do not use the ads to tell the voters what they will do, which issues the will work on and how they will address the problems. All they do is complain about their opponents, make snide remarks about them, and make themselves look childish and mean. We all know the Republicans hate the President. They should not waste time and money telling us this. They need to focus on their own plans and agendas. The same is true of the Democrats as they face their opponents. They all need to grow up. In the meantime, don't annoy the voters with those useless commercials.

  • Ads with Lie Detector Machines!

    I think I would be more comfortable with the ads if, Instead of saying: "And I approve of this Ad"....The politicians should say: "No one wrote this ad for me, no one coached me on the content of this ad, and I took no money from special interests to fund this ad" Oh....And they would have to be hooked up to a lie detector machine at the time. And....Since they would never be OK with that...Me and 70% of the people do not want to see the lies anymore!!

  • Nothing good comes from them.

    It's all mud slinging or fluff pieces. What is really gained from these ads? Revenue for the TV station? I think the damage they do with misinformation is far worse than the benefit of the money gained. It is absurd the amount of importance we put on money over properly informing the voting population. Instead of ridiculous political ads, we should be putting out real facts about what the candidates support and publicize their attendance and voting records.

  • Should political ads be banned from TV

    If they think that a educated voting citizen appreciates this type of ads then they need to hire new advisors. If you listen to the negative ads you would not want to vote for any of them. How can you get anything done in a legal way when the foxes are guarding the hen house. At least let the general population have a say so. PUT A LIMIT ON THE TIME FOR POLITICAL ADS TO ONE WEEK BEFORE EACH ELECTION! I am sure that this would not be popular with the advertising community

  • This just has to be stopped!

    A tsunami of political ads all focused on negativity actually dulls our senses. Seriously, who wants someone in office that uses these tactics? I suggest everyone send emails to flood their campaign headquarters and demand that we no longer want this useless information. Stop the playground name calling, tell us what you bring to the table.

  • Political Ads Do Not Inform Anyone.

    Political advertising is inherently anti-democratic. Rather than informing, television ads merely exploit people's fears and resentments. They encourage people to be reactive, rather than thoughtful. Such ads allow politicians to lie with impunity. Politicians can "swift-boat" their opponents, then sit back and laugh while their opponents futily try to refute those lies. The one thing candidates need to say is what they will do. Instead all they do is smear their opponents and avoid committing themselves to any real public policy positions.

  • Political Advertising Favors the Rich

    Political advertising does nothing to help the public good, but it does give an unfair advantage to the wealthy. All paid political advertising should be banned, creating a system that is more likely to encourage voters to choose a candidate based on their record and their plans, instead of following the lead of the spinmasters.

  • Yes, they are not informative, only destructive

    Ads, especially by PACs, allow too much influence from wealthy people and organizations. They rarely actually educate people accurately. Ads, especially by PACs, allow too much influence from wealthy people and organizations. They rarely actually educate people accurately. Ads, especially by PACs, allow too much influence from wealthy people and organizations. They rarely actually educate people accurately.

  • This is unconstitutional

    If a television station wants to air political ads, they can do so if they want to. This is freedom of the press. Commercial Speech has less protection under the constitution, but advertisements cannot be limited. It would be like limiting the amount of time radio stations could play Christmas music.

  • Ads Fuel Economic Engine

    Political advertising, as negative as it can get during election season, is part of the huge economic engine of our consumer-based society. Television stations rely on advertising revenue, including those from political parties. Ads for such causes shouldn't be banned from television because they are part of free speech but also because they pump money into local television markets every two to four years.

  • There should be a limit, not banned

    It is against the constitution, we all have the freedom of speech and the freedom of the press. Which means that they can say whatever they want about each other, and can put it on television and the internet, newspapers, magazines. Or any other way they wish to do so. I think there should be a limit, not banned.

  • We will keep it.

    I believe it should not be banned. It gives voters a view and gets a message to them. However I do think we should control the content more and not let all the lies go out. A lot of the ads we see today are not true and full of lies. We should fine the people who run these ads that lie.

  • Don't Ban Political Advertising on TV-Regulate it

    We should not ban political advertising from TV, but we should establish ground rules. We need a way to make sure that the facts the American people hear on these ads are correct. There should be a process to screen a political ad for veracity prior to airing it. If an ad is intended to do something as important as influence someones vote, the information should be factual.

  • No, but limit spending

    While I feel that advertising is important in the political campaigns, I also feel that the amount being spent should be limited and each candidate should spend the exact same amount. I also feel that PACs and other interest groups should not be allowed to run ads that are not approved by the candidate.

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