Should political campaigns be required to limit the amount of corporate donations they receive?

  • No, donations are money given freely by choice.

    It's a free country. You cannot rightfully tell anyone what they can and cannot give to another. Even if it is money from a company donated to a candidate, which results in an unfair advantage over another candidate.

    Posted by: JamesonF
  • Corporations should not run the country.

    If they want to the people in the country should each be able to donate as much as any other person. Campaigns should be for the people, and should be funded by the people, not some fat cats calling all the shots.

  • It will be motivation for the corruption.

    In the old Lockheed corruption case and so many other famous cases, we know why the political leaders were compelled to take a decision favoring the corporates which were incorrect. Thus happened because they have to get the financial aid from such big and corrupt corporates.

    Posted by: tafeta
  • I believe political campaigns should limit the amount of corporate donations they receive because it influences politicians to vote on certain issues the way their donors would like them to.

    I believe political campaigns should limit the amount of corporate donations they receive because the politicians are influenced by the amounts they receive from corporations and that will make them vote a certain way on specific issues, which leads to corruption.

    Posted by: MycCra2ii
  • The amount of corporate donations they receive for political campaigns is not utilized properly.

    Yes, I agree that the amount of corporate donations they receive for political campaigns should be limited. The very fact that the way the political campaigns is conducted and utilized should be limited. Rather than spending the money and corporate donations on political campaign it can be utilized for some other purposes, like eradicating poverty and free medical and health care purposes.

    Posted by: I0rFashion
  • Political campaigns should not be allowed to take any corporate donations as it encourages special interest decisions.

    Politicians are elected to represent Americans as a majority. The interest of the average American should be the number one priority of any politician. Accepting corporate donations inadvertently encourages special interest decisions in favor of such corporations, even if the decision might be somewhat damaging to the "average" American. I also believe all campaigns should be run with a tax fund that gives equal amounts of campaign money to each politician and it is the only money that can be used in campaigning. If you do this and also make slanderous and negative campaign tactics illegal, politics would finally start heading in the right direction.

    Posted by: BrianDj
  • Corporate donations should be eliminated completely: the people should elect the candidates.

    Without limiting corporate contributions, we have an unlimited influence
    of financially motivated public officials. If a company helps a candidate
    get elected, that candidate more often than not will repay the favor
    somehow once in office. For the most part, this removes the voting John
    Q. Public from the process and creates affiliate politicizing. Very undemocratic!

    Posted by: MarsBIue
  • Your rights end where my rights begin

    Looking at this argument you have to agree with putting a limit on money donated. The reason is some company pays for you to run and then you support them if you win. You are the slave to a cooperation to the expense of everyone in america. Look at Marco Rubio who takes money from the NRA. He rather have money even though he has blood on his hands. When teens get killed every year nothing is done. The government's main job is protection of its citizens and is highly compromised.

  • Campaigns and Politicians should not be controlled by corporate donations.

    Politics are corrupt enough, we don't need Politicians or campaigns being controlled by corporate donations they receive. If there is no limit on the amount of corporate donations Politicians are allowed to receive, then Corporations would essentially be buying Politicians, or "paying" them to do things in their favor, which is morally wrong.

  • No more bullshit

    Yes there should cause if someone made an offer to a candiate and they take it they have to do what they tell them. And that's all we need is our president being controled. Donald Trump gets in everything will be fixed. If Hillary gets in we are all dead.

  • No way in ever.

    If we out a ban on things like this people who have no money or funds to even compete in the big world of politics wouldnt have a chance. Even small donations can make a difference. Take Barrack Obama for example, he never would have ended up President if he didnt have tons of small donations, and trust me I am smarter than you I spent 23 years trying to figure this out. I win.

  • Nah niggaz. Free cuntry

    If we limited that shit then we'd be like North Korea bro. We got rights up in this motha fucka. We can give people money n ads, whatever da fuck we want. My final word is freedom yo. It's all about dat ability to do what u please. That's why we da best. Where y'all think donuts came from? We put a hole in a pastry cus we could, American ingenuity dawg. USA! USA! USA!

  • Trust me I have a PhD

    I have a doctorate. I know what I'm talking about. Do you have a doctorate? I bet you don't. Therefore I'm smarter than you. I can spell supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Can you do that? You can't. Because uo didn't go to graduate school on a fellowship for 23 years. Dude, trust me.

  • The lizards control the government.

    If we attempt to limit the amount of money the lizard men receive from corporations, they will take it as a form of retaliation. People need to be aware we are being watched at all times. Once you see he triangles in your life, you will understand the answer. Hail Quetzalcoatl.

  • I am right

    I am right because I am right. Since I am right then that means that I am not wrong, therefore I am right. I am as right as a right angle on a triangle. Not an equilateral triangle, but a right triangle. There is no doubt I am right because I am right.

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  • It is a form of expression

    If i want to donate to a charity i believe in or a religious foundation i agree with, then it is an expression of my values. This would be protected by the first amendment. Any laws against this would clearly be an infringement on your civil liberties. Although i don't think having unlimited donation is necessarily a good thing, to restrict it would be infringing on those individuals rights of expression.

  • No. Not if you value freedom and personal choice.

    Corporations are not people, and money is not speech, but there is no good reason to dictate what companies or people do with their own property.

    1. Since labor unions and other special interest groups use money to persuade candidates and the public, and this is seen as an altruistic practice of democracy, why should it be different for other groups of people who have different political...Oh, I see.

    2. Money does not equal influence. I'll use Chik-Fil-A as an example. Even though the company hires and serves individuals in the LGBTQ community, and even has many LGBTQ restaurant managers, liberals are against letting one man--the CEO--answer a question he was asked about his personal views. Views that have zero effect on his employees or customers. In truth, his donations to anti-gay groups are mostly used to pay for commercials, websites, protest signage, and perhaps gay conversion programs. Notice how this money doesn't go into the voting booth and pull the lever for you. This money doesn't drag LGBTQ teens to these conversion camps. The only thing that affects an election is the voters. If you REALLY want to "stick it" to Chik-Fil-A, you should buy their food, let them spend all the money they want on anti-gay campaigns, and then--when it comes time to vote on gay marriage, vote for it. Then, all of those donations are just wasted, and you still get to eat chicken and waffle fries! But that would require you not to believe everything you hear on TV and the internet, huh?

    3. Corporations aren't all run by conservatives (of course, that's the only reason liberals want to cap corporate donations). The truth is, there are also a ton of liberal millionaires and billionaires, such as George Soros, Warren Buffett, Richard Branson, Harvey Weinstein, Russell Simmons, and Ted Turner. On top of that, we have virtually every Hollywood actor and recording artist that you know of. Even Zach Braff, a mediocre B-list actor, has a net worth of $22 Billion. Jake Gyllenhaal is worth $65 Million. Imagine adding together all other liberal actors, plus bigwigs like George Clooney--who regularly holds celebrity fundraisers for Obama--and the playing field suddenly seems level. How is all of this money any different than a similar amount being donated by corporations?

    4. NO TWO PEOPLE are ever going to have the same amount of money, and two people with the same amount will still have varying levels of influence, depending on how that money is spent.

    5. This is only an example of class warfare. Rather than debating political ideas, or the content of one's character, liberals are debating net worth and how companies spend their own money.

    6. Who do you think pays for most libraries, universities, charitable donations, and medical research, and hires the most people? When was the last time you got a job from a social worker or philosophy professor? Who do you think gave more money to UC Berkeley, MasterCard or Michael Moore?

  • They should not

    Corporations should be allowed to donate funds as they see fit to candidates that support the corporation’s objectives in business. The corporations hope that by donating to “business friendly” candidates they might receive favorable treatment on matters related to their future success. Then they can increase their profits and return greater value to their business.

  • Violateing first amendment

    By limiting the amount of money people can donate it is a violation of freedom of speech because money is the form of words here. So this new "law" about limiting the amount of money to be donated is in violation of the constitution. The people who are making these laws, also made the constitutoin, and are being hypocritic about this matter

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