• Where is the pendulum?

    Like most things, the answer isn't yes or no; it is what is the appropriate level; and where are we today relative to it. Most believe lying to protect someone else's feelings is perfectly acceptable to a point. But when people out of the desire to blend (and timidity to offend) predominately just say what is the currently condoned thing to say without regard to how they really feel, I think the pendulum is ready to reverse direction. Such an environment often leads to absence of any critical thought, at best; or harbored resentment by those who feel muzzled by the narrowness of acceptable opinions.

  • Political Correctness IS dishonest.

    Anyone who claims to have no special affinity for "his own" (however defined - family, race, gender, religion, etc.), and no degree of hesitancy or discomfort regarding "others" - is simply full of it. EVERYONE notices race, gender, body type, etc., and NO ONE responds to all in equal fashion.

  • Political correctness should equate with dishonesty.

    I think that political correctness should equal to dishonesty because they are the exact same thing in the basis of when you think about it. They should be equated because it would make everything in politics a lot easier and smoother if dishonesty was not an issue and it was properly dealt with.

  • Political correctness is dishonesty

    Yeah, political correctness should be equated with dishonesty. The reason for this is because political correctness gets in the way of candid discussions which need to take place on a daily basis. If elephants in the room are ignored, they begin to trample everything. The momentum is sometimes irreversable. Political correctness is a societal ailment.

  • No, it is rather equated with tact.

    In society, we do not always say out loud everything that passes through our minds because we do not want to appear stupid or hurt the feelings of other people. That is why political correctness is more about being tactful and learning to think differently as we say things differently.

  • Why Not Politeness

    I do not believe political correctness should be equated with dishonesty. If anything, the ideals behind political correctness should be equated with politeness. I don't see any reason to believe a person that attempts to communicate in a proper way is in any way trying to dishonest. It takes a lot of consideration and understanding to do so and associating dishonesty with it will only lead to problems.

  • It is good manners.

    No, political correctness should not be equated with dishonesty, because there is something to be said for being polite. It is okay to refrain from saying something if you know if will offend someone or hurt their feeling. Political correctness does not make someone dishonest, but it is a sign of good taste.

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