• It should not matter how much funds are donated and from whom

    Yes, I believe that political donation limits should be lifted. In the end it does not matter how much money donated to a particular politician, if the people are not supporting him or her then they will not be selected. Money does not buy everything it only slaps paint on the surface.

  • No Donation Limits

    Political limits should be lifted. Political limits should be lifted because that way the tax payers would pay less in regards to getting their political favorite elected. It is a known fact that Beyonce and Jay Z basically paid for Obama to get elected with the expensive dinners they organized for re-election purposes. Those plates made it less necessary for the taxpayers who wanted to get Obama elected to get the money out of their pockets.

  • There's too much cheating.

    Yes, political donation limits should be lifted, because people find ways to manipulate those laws anyways. Those who do are only prosecuted for political persecution, for example, Dinesh D'Souza. It would be better to just have no limits. Campaign funding only makes a small difference in election outcomes anyways. The system would be more transparent.

  • go for it all

    Yes, if a person wants to donate a huge amount of money to someone their should not be a cap on that, because it is that persons decision on who they back and how much they want to back them. They should not set a limit on how much they give.

  • We Should Cap Campaign Finances

    I do not believe political donation limits should be lifted. I personally believe that far too much money is spent on campaigning and I think we should create laws regarding the amount of money that can be used for campaigning. I believe campaign donations, in large quantities, work against the principals of our country.

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