• Yes, limitations make it harder to buy elections

    Passing laws to enforce campaign contribution limitations,
    and then actually enforcing them will help make elections fairer. With effective
    contribution limits in effect, it will be much harder to buy elections with
    massive advertising campaigns. Every voter will have a better idea of each
    candidate’s true position, so it will be easier to choose a candidate worth putting
    in office. For voters to have more of a
    say at the polls, there must be less money in elections.

  • Yes, I think political donations should be limited.

    I think we run the danger of powerful entities being able to buy elections if we don't cap the amount the amount they can donate to candidates, I think keeping the cap low gives a better view of who the public favors because they will being getting donations from the average person.

  • Poltical donations should be limited per donor.

    It is much easier to limit the donors than it is to limit the person being donated to. This is the inverse of what logic would suggest. Watching the money as it comes in becomes a day to day observational ordeal, while monitoring a single person's balance sheet at the end of a cycle is much more difficult. This would also lead to true monetary democracy.

  • Yes, political donations should be limited.

    I definitely think that political donations should be limited. I do not think that a politician should have an unfair advantage over another just because he may have richer and wealthier supporters and friend. Evening the playing field is probably a good way to make sure the best candidate gets the job.

  • There's no way to enforce it.

    No, political donations should not be limited, because it is impossible to determine who is giving how much. Also, people can just have their friends donate and then pay the friends back. There are always ways to show a little extra support for a candidate, like by giving more money to Super PACs instead.

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