• Yes, no one reads them anyway.

    Yes, I think political handbills should be banned. Politicians spend a lot of time and money on political handbills, and I'm pretty sure it's all wasted. These handbills are either stuck on your car while you're in a store, or stuck in your hand as you come out of a store. Most people throw handbills away without so much as glancing at them.

  • It's a free speech issue.

    No, political handbills should not be banned, because people have a right to free speech. It is easier to give someone a flyer about something than to make them listen to an entire speech. With a flyer a person can say the things that they need to say without taking up a lot of time.

  • Handbills Are Free Speech

    . Americans live and thrive in a country where we rely on our freedoms as put in place by the Founding Fathers in the Constitution. One of the first rights to be upheld is our right to free speech. A handbill is simply written word handed out to the public to voice a political view. To limit the handing out of these handbills, limits the free speech of the author. As Americans, we should not support limiting free speech.

  • No They Shouldn't

    If you Google political handbills you're more than likely to come across some old ones. I think these are interesting and they say a lot about the times. I think political handbills are a great past-time in Americans politics and we should continue to have them. Yes, I think the content could be better, but it's almost like a record of history.

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