• No more donkeys or elephants

    Parties make everything a black, and white view. I am mostly a grey thinker. Religion seems to be similar in the way it expects people to go along with every, single belief.

    I would much rather vote for an individual for his/her ideas, beliefs, intelligence, compassion, and ability to handle responsibilities as best they could.
    Of course, completely agreeing with an individual is impossible as well.

    Parties just seem to play games like Filibustering, Gerrymandering, appealing to constituencies, etc.

    I also believe if we reformed or overhauled our political system, if mud-slinging and such would be more character assassination, and just another form of time-wasting negativity.

    It would be a good start to get America, the "Police of the World" country, on a Universal Health care system. Goth forbid, we might learn a few good thing from our European friends.

    But, if human beings could be trusted to live in say, a bartering society instead of a class system that has become EXTREMELY black and white, dial down the greed, and entitlement, and just be kinder, gentler to one another, and the animals and our planet...We mightn't have a need for politicians. ;)

  • Bring Back Thought!

    Too many people simply look for that D or R next to a candidate's name instead of the candidate's policies. People need to be THOUGHTFUL voters, not mindless, partisan zombies. This would force voters to be knowledgeable on current events before choosing the candidate. At the very least, it would drive away the mindless voters that don't like to think. But going back to our first President's point: this would greatly reduce the violent division that the country faces in every election, the division Washington warned us about.

  • Political parties should be eliminated so more focus can be put on each individual.

    They should be eliminated because it can put more focus as an individual rather than as a "R", "D", or "I". It will also make voters choose who is the right one rather than being stuck with a person who will never agree with your and will be forced to vote as party rather than John Doe.

  • Yes - Their Time Has Come And Gone Already.

    Yes, political parties should be abolished. The time has finally come when party affiliation no longer means a flipping thing. Party labels are a thing of the past whose time has come and gone. There are no more distinct lines between the parties. Candidates no longer adhere to the standards that were supposed to define each of the parties. Party affiliation is not going to be a metric in elections any more. Voters are now looking and really listening to the candidates. Voters are responding to what they hear and what their gut instinct tells them is the right guy to get the job done right – and party affiliation doesn’t even enter into the equation any more.

  • America's New Party System

    I am in a college government course currently and I have recently finished studying about U.S. political parties and such. Recently political parties have been becoming weaker due to the fact that elections are becoming more candidate based. There is also the fact that because the government plays a growing role in the social welfare of America the traditional duties political parties have enacted are no longer needed. Furthermore a two-party system provides American citizen's with limited choice in canidates (because let's face it, when did an independent party ever win?). When people find out what party a person associates themselves with , others will automatically judge that person and group that person with the party. People should be seen for their unique individual characteristics and thoughts not as a mash up of corrupt (or uncorrupt) policy makers. While I will acknowledge that political parties make voting easier (because one can simply choose the side they generally agree with) it takes away from the importance of doing detailed research. There has also been a notable rise in voters who "split-ticket" vote (or in other words choose a candidate from each side). Meaning that people are starting to see candidates for who they really are and not their parties.

    Posted by: arin
  • Do away with political parties.

    Politicians will be able to run for office and present their own ideas to serve their constituents instead of being a puppet for a political party. This will be the best way to eliminate partisan politics, if we eliminate the conservative and liberal tags politicians will be free to actually present the views of their constituents to the US Congress.

  • It seems obvious that they need to go.

    Political parties create an environment where one party "winning" over the other becomes more important than working towards the betterment of our entire country. How many times during the current and past US administrations have ween seen congress voting along party lines? The likelihood of members of congress agreeing co completely with their part ion all of these issues is remote. However, They vote the way they do because, Like all human beings, They fear rejection from their group members. If there were no parties, Members of congress and other politicians would be free to vote their conscience. They would not be in situations where they are forced to work against members of opposite parties. Everyone would be working for a better America.

  • Political parties are undemocratic

    Political parties don't let politicians from all sides of the spectrum, Including moderate politicians, Make compromises and follow their conscience. The concept of a party whip just exacerbates the undemocratic nature of political parties - party members are effectively forced to vote in favour of the party, Thereby eliminating real debate and making the politicians' personal opinions irrelevant in the face of the party's often far more radical agenda.

  • George Washington Tried To Warn Us This Would Happen.

    It serves always to distract the Public Councils, And enfeeble the Public Administration. It agitates the Community with ill-founded jealousies and false alarms; kindles the animosity of one part against another, Foments occasionally riot and insurrection. It opens the door to foreign influence and corruption, Which find a facilitated access to the government itself through the channels of party passions. Thus the policy and the will of one country are subjected to the policy and will of another.

    - President George Washington in his farewell address on political parties -

    And both sides have lived up to it in spades.

  • Based on individual merit

    Politicians should be individuals, With their own agenda and not be influenced party affiliation to achieve the parties own agenda. Partisan politics achieves very little besides stalemates! Let’s vote for candidates who think for themselves and not be influenced by any group other than their constituents! God bless America and thank you.

  • More Parties Should Be Formed

    Political parties are a way for American opinions to be heard on a grand scale. Instead of abolishing political parties, there should be more of them. Compromising and moving forward are part of the American ideology of the democratic process. A coalition of several parties is part of the solution, not abolishing all of America's political traditions. A two-party system isn't the answer, but neither is an outright ban.

  • not the problem

    That isn't the problem. Politicians aren't puppets to the parties. They simply use that system to get elected. Your case rests on the idea that benevolent politicians exist. They don't, or at least are extremely rare. In addition those tags, conservative and liberal, represent human philosophical differences, which can't be abolished.

  • No no no

    It is our paart as americans to keep these going No No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no

  • No they Shouldn't!

    People in this country depend on political parties in order to get their opinions and point across. Without political parties them nobody would be able to state their opinion about how the government should be and how it should function. In fact most likely more parties should be created because it will allow more people to state their opinion.

  • No they shouldn't!

    Political Parties are used to express political views and show the differences between people. Besides having political parties is inevitable. We are already divided,from gender to race. Political parties is just another thing that sets us off from others. How would the government be without political parties it would just be the same type of president every four years which is not what we want for ourselves. If you take away the political parties you take away the political views set in everyone's minds.

  • Abolishing political parties

    I am very dismayed by how political parties have put the country on the cliff, Forcing it to jump. A divided house/built on sand cannot stand. Therefore, Abolishing political parties because they have become enemies of the well being of the people, Is the way forward. Voters would take time to screen and analyse each candidate carefully before casting their vote.

  • Two-party system allows for a fairer election

    Without the two-party system like we have in America, We would see candidates with 20% of the vote win the election. This would be unjust since an OVERWHELMING majority of voters did not want this candidate to win. Plus, Picking a side doesn’t limit your independent beliefs. Political diversity exists within the parties in the status quo, And that isn’t something to be frowned upon. Plus, It is almost impossible to find a candidate you agree 100% with, So a two party system forces you to elect someone with values that appeal mostly to the country. Thus I negate.

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  • Political parties shouldn't... The two party system should.

    It is ok too be in a group of those who share, uphold, and support the same political views as you. Thus this is what a political party is. But the two party system is souly dependent on the views of those two parties and they have grown so large nearly sub parties within them ie. Teaparty.

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