• Yes they should, since others do too!

    Politicians for the longest time have continued to arrogantly pass laws making criminals out of the population while committing the same crimes themselves. Wasn't it Bill Clinton who helped make harsher punishment for dug offenders, while admitting to being a drug offender himself? When is he going to be punished for possessing weed?

  • If we can be, they should

    If it is legal to drug test a working class American so that they can have a job, keep a job, and pay taxes then I see not reason that our elected officials whom are paid with our tax dollars (and 40 cents on the dollar of borrowing) should be drug tested as well.

  • Yes, politicians and lawmakers should be drug tested.

    There really is nothing to lose and much to gain by having politicians and lawmakers drug tested. I for one would love to know for sure that the people who decide a number of policies directly affecting me are not under the influence of mind-altering drugs or other narcotics, that's for sure!

  • Yes, they should.

    Politicians and lawmakers should be tested for drugs. They are public figures and are in the position to hold the public's trust. They are paid by the taxpayers and should be held accountable to the taxpayers. We should be able to make sure they are following the law and are level-headed when making laws and running the country.

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