• What? Are you crazy?

    Of course they should be allowed to eat. Just because they are not the most moral people on the planet, but do you expect everyone to be saints in a position of power? Whoever wrote this poll is obviously a jobless idiot with nothing to do but critizise people to boost his self esteem.

  • I don't think so

    Politicians are evil maniacal creatures that walk the Earth and strip others of natural resources. It's been proven anybody in the same country as a politician has a 100% chance of dying some kind of random death. Thus, we should starve these evil men to their deaths and never let them walk again

  • Politicians should be above eating

    Our politicians are supposed to lead us, and therefore should be above material needs such as food. In fact, they shouldn't even need organs as well and should donate them to people who need them. All we need of you politicians is for you to have sentience, not a physical body. But thanks to greedy politicians like Obama who hoard their internal organs, our country is doomed!

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ArcTImes says2014-07-19T17:40:49.847
Lol wtf