• They need to be able to make the best decisions possible

    If a politician isn't educated, how can he/she possibly make the best possible decisions? That would be like taking a failing middle school student and placing them in charge of the student government. Chances are he would make terrible decisions because he doesn't have the education needed to make better decisions.

  • Yes of ocourse.

    Politicians are essentially our representatives, who take decisions on our part. Would you like the people who effect the most basic decisions in your life, to be uneducated? Education is a tool that hones the minds of people, and it will surely benefit the politicians. Educating them about the laws of the country will also make them understand their limits; what they can or cannot do.
    The bad picture in our minds of politicians is mainly because we see them as illiterate, unrefined fools, who do whatever they like. Education is thus essential for politicians.

    Posted by: AR22
  • Yes, It is very important to be an educated politician and not just a politician. . .

    In a country like India, Politicians need to be unbiased and neutral about subjects like religion and caste so as to prevent communal riots or brawls and enable the country to grow and compete with the world, And this mentality, Can only be achieved by someone who is educated about the requirements of the society while simultaneously being aware of their limits.

  • It's practical ...It seems.

    If a politician cannot make decisions based off experience then how will they be able to tout "experience" when they seek higher office? This is the burden of undue influence and how a lack of pragmatism about your own nation and its cultural values can be hypocritical. Politicians must always have an education and an intent to learn.

  • Politicians should be educated

    In my point of view education is the basic necessity of a person. In this present era, a person without education is treated as nothing. As every field have some qualification to be a part of it, politicians who lead the nation or a country ought to be educated for the betterment of the society. Even then some politicians led the nation successfully,there are some whose decision might go wrong at sometimes costing welfare of the society. Now everything being digitalised and technology has improved a lot , they must be updated so as to improve the growth of nation. Mere experience can make them handle the problems , but can't solve them with appropriate decisions. So experience with minimum qualification of education is necessary for a person to be an efficient politician.

  • Makes everything possible:

    Education plays one of the key role in development of a country.The development of a country mainly depends upon the politicians.Only when politicians are educated it makes the growth of our country.When politicians are educated then their way of approach in each and every decision by them changes.Education also acts as a standard due to which it restricts unwanted people to be out of political arena.

  • Politicians should be educated

    I do believe that having a sufficient education is an important qualification in running for public office. I wouldn't go so far as to legally mandate it necessarily, but I do believe it is vital. Our leaders have the power to make the types of decisions that can affect us on a day-to-day basis. Being educated and consequently able to converse and think critically in these matters must go hand in hand with this.

  • It goes against what a politician is.

    If politicians were educated it would cause them to go against what a politician is. Politicians are lying, ignorant, and uneducated fools. Join me in electing the idiots into power because that makes you like me and 99% of the country. Don't you want to be an idiot just like them? Then you need to listen to the idiots that run the country by voting for them.

  • Though necessary but still. . .

    Though education is the most important part of our life and in today's world it is considered to be one of the most valuable aspect. But I still oppose it for the following reason. . .
    Major reason is in a democracy, Each and evry person has the right to stand in elections as representatives and to get elected as a leader irrespective of caste, Race, Religion, Gender, Educational qualification etc. But if education become a major criteria, Then it would threaten democracy of a particular country. .

  • It is not at all needed for a POLITICIAN TO BE EDUCATED!!

    In a country like INDIA 80% of the population is not educated and more over if I say the politician should be educated it is not at all neccessary and nowadays people are fed up of politicians with high acadimity we need a person who is HONEST and DEVOTED TO THE COUNTRY!!

  • Education is not necessary

    I don't think educational qualification is a necessary criteria for becoming a politician.Politicians are but representatives who bring forward the views of the particular community they represent for the common good and developmentof the people. In developing Countries who claim themselvesas democratic there remains a large number of uneducated people.One among those underprivileged people can represent that group.If education remains a necessary qualification it would simply mean that the particular area will remain underdeveloped as an educated fellow from the cities can't represent the village.He will not be acquainted with their problems. If at all the tribes or the group of people living in a particular area are not educated, or never have seen a school in their life, should they be left alone? Can someone outsider understand their conditions better than them?Remember, there was a time I guess not before hundred years ago, land owners suffrage was in place in many countries. There were places where you could be able to vote, or become a politician only if you own some amount of land, and that too only the male head of the family. Shall we bring that in to effect? Most people who support for education criteria would be dead silent.

    Posted by: Atul
  • The divine education

    Can sometimes go against the spirit of democracy. People who actually know the problems of that area and understand the wishes of the people, will be denied to contest the elections.
    You say that the education makes them sincere and dignified. But the reality is seen every day in the parliamentary sessions of the lok sabha. Also, when people like A. Raja, use their education in malpractises..

  • Don't give them weapons.

    This is a weapon, giving them potential to f*ck us all with their "education". If the Voters don't have to be educated, and believe me SOME OF THEM aren't, then why the F*ck should we let the idiots in our country elect someone who is going to screw us all over by hiding a bajillion earmarks in a sea of large cumbersome words like the word cumbersome?

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