Should politicians be held to same standards with students on ghostwriting/plagiarism?

Asked by: juminrhee
  • What is the difference?

    There really is no difference between ghostwriting and plagiarism. Ghostwriting involves hiring someone else to write a book for you. You provide the topic and they write on the topic (usually within set parameters). Ghostwriting is used for politicians and celebrities all the time; the actual writer gets no credit. Plagiarism is taking someone's work and making it your own, with or without the writer's consent. Plagiarism can result in being fired, expelled, and disbarred (lawyer). But if ghostwriting is allowed, shouldn't plagiarism (in cases where you get permission from writer) be as well, or vice versa?

  • A huge difference.

    -Plagiarism involves taking someone's preexisting work and claiming it is yours. Basically it is stealing but of words instead of property.
    -Ghost writing involves hiring someone to put what you say into a structure that people may want to buy.
    -Seeing that ghostwriting rarely if ever involves preexisting works, the work itself is paid for, and the basic material comes from the person who get the credit. It has basically nothing in common with plagiarism.
    -To put it another way:
    -Say you own a home and a bunch of random furniture. You know you have no skill in furniture arranging so you hire someone to do it for you. They come in and ask you what furniture you have, ask you about other furniture you may have in storage. Then they select various pieces of your furniture to be placed around your home in way that would be appealing to most people. That would be kind of like ghostwriting.
    -In contrast, if you go up to an existing furnished home you like and claim ownership. That would be like plagiarism.

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