• Yes, I think they should

    I think if they let the world know what's going on in their home life it would bring us to relate to them better. The issue is that people have a hard time relating to someone they know nothing about. political issues are just one part of the puzzle, I like to know everything about who I vote for.

  • It's their character.

    Yes, politicians should be more transparent about their personal lives, because they are representing us. If a politician doesn't have their personal life together, they should not be able to do things for the rest of us. If a politician cannot even take care of their own family, they have no business running the state or country.

  • No, politicians shouldn't be more transparent about their personal lives

    A politicians personal life has nothing to do with his or her ability to perform their job. I don't feel like the personal lives of politicians are public business unless those actions are directly impacting that person's ability to perform their job. If it's not something a traditional employer could discriminate for (current drug use/felonies) it shouldn't effect a politician.

  • No, they should not be

    I am actually tired of hearing about a politicians personal life. I do not care if he or she has kids or a spouse, where they grew up, what school they went to, or what jobs they previously held. I want to hear their ideas, and vote on the best ones.

  • No, politicians do not need to tell us about their lives.

    I do not think that politicians need to be more transparent about their personal lives. I think that what a politician does in their own personal lives are their business and not the general public's. As long as the politicians do their jobs well, then that is what should be important.

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