Should politicians have immunity from prosecution?

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  • Just like bankers

    Funny how all the high payed blood suckers think there better than everyone else.
    We should all be treated the same, we all share this planet. What makes a banker or politician any different??
    If anything i think they are the low lifes, not like they work for there money is it. Anyone can shout hear hear or rob some poor guys pension fund they think there special because they do it every day and get £300 a day for lunch. Maybe they should try living on £300 a week and doing some real manual work see what men they really are.

  • Quite the opposite

    Its of the utmost importance that politicians have no immunity from prosecution, something that is very common in dictatorships and autocratic nations all over the world. There are many cases where a politician, in their duty, might end up committing a crime, but, in doing so, are protected by existing laws.

  • No, they shouldn't.

    No, politicians should definitely not have immunity from prosecution. There is already more than enough corruption happening in politics even with the threat of their career being ruined and prosecution hanging over their heads. I think that they should be under even more scrutiny since their jobs and choices affect the lives of many people.

  • No, there should be no immunity.

    A politician now belongs to a professional class bent on getting and keeping its own power. However, originally he or she was supposed to be a public servant. Any politician who does wrong needs to be subject to prosecution as much as or more than any other citizen because of the responsibility involved.

  • No, that is ridiculous.

    Our politicians are no longer servants of the people. Instead they are ambitious for their own ambitions and ends. They lie routinely and they do things that are immoral and sometimes even illegal. It is absolutely absurd to say that any one of them should have immunity from prosecution, which makes them even more crooked.

  • They are people too.

    Politicians seem to already be immune from persecution but I believe it to be unethical and completely unfair. Politicians seem to get away with more things than anyone else in the country. They shuold be tried just like a regular person and convicted as often as regular people in my opinion.

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