Should Politicians Have to Dance Before Being Sworn Into Office?

Asked by: chestnutrules
  • This is the best idea ever conceived!!!

    Think of the benefits! It would help politics appeal a younger demographic, if there is someone trying to assassinate the president it would make him a moving target, and we could have guest stars like Jay-Z and Skrillex! Turn it into a whole day long televised dance party! There would be fist pumping, moon walking and rap covers of the national anthem!!! Support this bill or you are a communist.

  • Some humor in Politics

    Politics can be so boring. If politicians had to dance before being sworn into office, then we'd have some entertainment AND young people might like politics more. What's funnier than some dance moves from politicians that are in a crisp suit and tie. Some humor is NEEDED a lot these days.

  • I can't believe I am even answering this.

    Absolutely not. Appeal to younger generations? Add humor to politics? Politics are about real life, serious issues. Things that could potentially change the course of human history. Not about dancing and appealing to teens. If people think politics is not appealing or humorous than they obviously lack the wisdom to even vote. Where is this world headed?

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