Should politicians in India have a retirement age?

  • Retirement is must

    Due to advancement in technology people's needs and thoughts are changing so politicians need to think in the same way as people think.It is possible that old politician's thinking maynot be compatible with that of people hence youngesters should replace old politicians but should work under the guidance of their seniors.

  • Yes of course

    Politicians mind may also be decline after the age of 60 . So they should also be retired like other government workers such as teachers , advocates and others . It is also true that some politicians like abdul kalam may be beneficial at a long time ; so they can be adviser..

  • Yes, politicians in India should have a retirement age.

    It is stronger considered good advice to listen to your elders. At some point though elders become out of touch with the world evolving around them. At this time younger generations need to be able to step up and take the lead. For this reason India should have a retirement age on it's politicians.

  • Politicians should have a retirement age.

    If the retirement age is applicable for the bottom to top govt & pvt. officials, why is it not applicable to the politicians?! This will help to bring new ideas & enthusiasm on process and administration....Also this will help to remove corruption. For every ministry there should be a combination of black and grey hairs and by this way we can really move to the edge of globalization, recognize as stronger economy, prosperous and proud.

  • Yes . . .

    Politicians should also have a retirement age as we all work under our constitution and no one is above that. So, if Supreme Court judges, CAG officials, Election Commissioners, Teachers (and all the like ) are bound to retire by a certain age then why can't politicians? If its just for their experience then they can always be welcomed as advisers to the young generation. I think it's really the high time when new and young ideas should also be encouraged and given chance.

  • Yes, They Should Have a Retirement Age.

    Politicians in India or any other country should have a retirement age. There comes a point when, because of age and or declining health or mental faculties, people should step down and take it easy, and just enjoy life's simple pleasures without pressures. This applies to all people, whether or not they are in politics, in all countries.

  • Every country should have a retirement age.

    In every country with a civilized government, citizens should be given the opportunity to retire, once they have reached an age when their health starts declining. Not that they should be given retirement checks each month without putting money into the system, it should be worked for and not freely given.

  • Sorry but not the age the experience is what is needed👵👴👳

    Ppl shud b getting more experienced while they go thr the situation .Understanding the importance of expirienced and well knowing aged ppl are an assets to our county's politics .They know what decisions may go wrong or the decisions which are benificial for society ,nation and country. That's what I feel about the topic

  • It would effect the country...

    Retirement doesnt solve the corruption der is a lose to the nation when a experienced politician getting retired at the peek time of his knoweldge which is most useful to the nations development and they are the role models for new politicians who has made their entry.An experience politicain is capable of handling international issues very diplomatically...Which in good for the nation.

  • There should be other criteria.

    India should not have an arbitrary retirement age. In most parts of the world outside the U.S., age is an admired thing for one's experience, and age can be very beneficial in terms of what a person has to share politically. There should be other limits in place that have to do not with one's age but with one's integrity, honesty, and human rights record.

  • No, people should retire when they want.

    Retiring is a right that is earned through years of hard work. If everyone were to automatically receive retirements benefits once they hit 70 then the government would lose money. Some people are still working at the age of 70. Age is just becoming a number with modern medicine and the advancement of technology. Retirement is not a reflection of the end but a step in a new direction.

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