Should politicians in power be allowed to bend ethics to cause reform?

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  • You can't play with human lives

    Human Rights are fundamental to an advanced country. If those in power are allowed to toy with ethics and show a lack of empathy towards a kind of people, then how can we believe that we have grown and evolved as a people. We need to be more caring and understanding towards each other, otherwise we'll just exacerbate the conflicts that already exist.

  • No, i don`t think so.

    Politics is an essential human activity – essential in building societies and communities based on rules, laws and a balance of conflicting interests. Politics is complex and difficult. It requires a high level of responsibility and commitment from citizens, political parties, parliamentarians, government executives, the judiciary, the media, business, nongovernmental organisations, and religious and educational institutions.

  • There is no excuse.

    When a person decides to help the public, they should be held to a higher standard. The politicians should be able to follow ethics laws and still get reform done at the same time. If they have to bend ethics laws in order to make the changes, it likely isn't meaningful reform.

  • Bending of ethics in the name of reform is not a viable option

    Ethics are established for a reason. they are intended to maintain a guardrail on actions. Bending them in a time of crisis only leads to things like the internment of the American Japanese during World War II. Bending them in the name of progress simply starts one down that simply slope.

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