Should politicians with pending cases in court be elected?

Asked by: NeutralNoLonger
  • Only after conviction.

    Every citizen of any free country is assumed to be innocent until proved to be guilty and convicted by an independent court after a trial based on facts, evidence and the law as it is written in the books. Everything interfering with basic civil rights and freedoms before that time point would break that basic principle of law. The rights to vote or to candidate for being elected are part of the individual rights and freedoms of citizens of democratic states. Those must not be restricted until a trial is completed. What would happen in case the politician is found to be innocent? How can that restriction of freedom and rights be justified then?

  • I don't think so...

    I find it hard to trust a politician whose reputation is already stained by case, be it criminal or administrative, the word "pending" is enough for me to put it in the doubtful category considering what happened here in my country. The more we tolerate them, the more we suffer, but alas, I have no idea why people keep voting for the.

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