• That would be a lovely change.

    I really wish that this could be the case. There's no reason for a politician's entire family to be thrust into the spotlight when someone is running for public office. You're not electing the family, you are electing a man or woman to do a job. And by that same token, candidates should stop exploiting their families for easy political points.

  • Yes, politican's wives should stay out of the picture

    It is not the politician's wife that we are voting for. We are voting for their significant other and their opinions. While knowing the politician's wife could be helpful in predicting which way the politician will lean, they shouldn't be a factor in their campaign at all. It is not them that we are interested in.

  • Yes They Should

    As a citizen in the United States who generally tries to gain enough information to make a decision when voting, I can say I would rather the politicians partner stay out of the campaign picture. Since politicians can be either, I think it's unfair to assume the partner is a wife or a woman.

  • Yes, I think politican's wives should stay out of the campaign picture.

    I think in an election the focus should be on the candidate and the candidates positions, I don't like how sometimes the focus of the race turns to some ones children or some ones wife and what they look like or what they have done in their lives, I think elections in general would be better off if we focused solely on the candidate.

  • No, they shouldn't.

    I don't believe that a politicians spouse should stay out of the campaign picture. The person that someone marries says a lot about that person and who they are. The wife or husband of the candidate will also help with many different event and fundraisers during the career of the politician. It is important to know who they are too.

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