• Yes; but with wisdom, love, and understanding

    The Church should focus on God with worship, praise, thanksgiving and service being the primary goal of attendance. That being said Christians live in cities, nations, and a global community. Political decisions affect the Church and the individuals who make up Christ's Church. At times Christians have to take a stance on issues. It's perfectly appropriate to address matters of moral conviction in the Church, even if they overlap with local or national politics. This has nothing, absolutely nothing, to do with separation of church and state. But a word of caution, the Church is neither a political party nor a party of politicians. We make a huge mistake if we make it one. Political differences often exist within the Church and excessive political banter can drive a sinful wedge between brothers in Christ. Worse still, it can divert the Church from it's true mission of sharing the message of God's love and salvation. A personal Prayer for wisdom, understanding, and guidance should always precede a political statement. This applies to minister and congregation alike. Some political discussions simply have no place in the Church.

  • A family matter

    Christians have been given the stewardship of the earth. Politics is an integral part of the economics of running the 'home', therefore it needs to be discussed when the family gather. It is out of the church that leadership is given and provided. What could be a better place to discuss the matters of politics than the church?

  • Politics Are important to discuss amongst church members

    The members of a church should be able to voice their opinions amongst their fellow congregation. Having a devotion to youre faith doesnt mean you shouldnt be involved in using politics to protect your religion. if you are denied the ability to join members of your faith in defending it, then the religious institutions become weak.

  • Sure why not

    I do not care either way whether politics are discussed in church or not. I do not see problem with it, as long as everyone in the church is fine with it. If the overall consensus is to eliminate political discussions at church, then it should be up to each individual congregation.

  • NO Political Elections should not be discussed.

    The Episcopal Church I was attending pushed the Democratic candidate 2016 Election. Each Sunday he had something to say.
    So I advised him that political politics should be left at the back door.

    He was also having an immigration attorney speaking each Sunday in a Democrat 101 class. Speaking against recent laws of the land.

    In March after the election he was still ANGRY with the election outcome and was still discussing & running down the president.

    I stopped going as did others

  • NO...If You Assume Everyone in the Room Agrees with You

    Politics, if given a VERY secondary role to the Gospel, maybe a little. Never from the standpoint of a leader/speaker saying "We believe this or that". We all have unique views, and I never appreciate people assuming I agree with them and virtually daring me to say something that might be disruptive.

  • No politics at church

    At church we are brothers and sisters in Christ, we should not be poitical parties. Pastors should not recommend who to vote for. This brings division in the body of Christ. Church is to learn about Gods word to praise and worship. We go to bud our faith amen


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  • Politics is a matter of State. The Church of Jesus Christ is Universal , and is not limited to any single state or Nation

    The Church's message us weakened when it becomes dependent upon or beholden to any political party or persuasion. The Church ministers to people across the globe spreading the Gospel to all peoples. To burden Christ's Church with the vagaries of shifting political winds is to make the message of The Church irrelevant to those of differing political views. This is contrary to the goal of spreading the Gospel to all.

  • Politics and religion shouldn't be taught in the same building.

    Church is for learning about your faith, not politicial philosophy. Discussing politics could alienate a large percentage of a congregation and make them believe they are not worthy Christians if they do not subscribe to a prescribed political philosophy. Teaching politics in church is like teaching mathematics in English class.

  • Keep politics out of church

    First, politics is controversial and divisive. Bringing it up in sermons or other church functions breeds disunity among church members and is potentially alienating. Second, focusing on politics take time and energy away from other important church activities. Third, bringing politics into the church confuses morality and piety with political correctness. What if you don't agree with the political views expressed by the pastor? Does this make you a bad person? Do you have the "wrong" religious beliefs? Are you going to hell? People who do not agree with political views declared from the pulpit may feel they are being judged.

  • No - Keep Politics And Religion Separate

    No, politics should not be discussed in church. Politics need to be discussed outside of religious settings as the two should not be mixed. Politics are a separate entity and should not be influenced by a person’s religion. Church is the place we go to practice and recommit to our faith; therefore politics would not be acceptable in a church setting.

  • No.

    As it's always been said, keep church and state separate; that goes both ways. People don't go to church to learn about politics and the bible and religious faiths have nothing to do with what kind of government regime is in order, or should be in order. Church should keep its teaching revolved around what it's supposed to teach.

  • No Need.

    No, politics should not be discussed in church. I do not go to church on a regular basis but I just don't see the point in bringing up politics. There is so many other things to be talked about and focused on, the church is a place to go when you want to embrace faith.

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