• Definitely i Agree

    The Democrats are poisoning the children's minds by not including politics in all our Public TV. Sesame Street and Spongebob should promote Republican ideals, So our children grow up To be idealistic and professional leaders in tomorrow's society. Democrats are not prepared for the future. They only care about illegal immigrants, Not about real American's needs. Ask any kid, And they will explain why they hate Democrats.

  • 100% Percent Agree

    Kids need to learn politics and get inolved, They should learn the politicians and decide who they like best, If they like the supply side economics or the trickle down. I bet most of the kids would vote for Republicans, Because most kids are not going to be dumb and fall for the Democrat's scare tactics.

  • They totally should

    Prepare them for the real world. Show them that not everyone is going to agree with what they personally think and to learn such things as rejection and acceptance. At the same time, The kids can see the other side of the view point and see why certain people feel a certain way towards the topic.
    Plus, I trust that Nickelodeon will not post fake news.

  • Stop treating your kids like puppets

    As a kid I hated hearing about politics and the news, It never interested me. In class when the teacher would talk about the news or politics, And would ask the class questions no one would know what he was talking about or they just wouldn't care. If you only think about informing your children in order to brainwash them, Then why are you a parent? They are your children, Not a puppet or a shadow for you to manipulate. Let them make their own decisions and choose who they prefer. If you just want to brainwash your child, Regardless of what political side they're on, You are a horrible parent.

  • What the hell is wrong with people

    To even think about getting kid's programming just to filibuster about politics? You get episodes like OK KO's "Let's not be Skeletons, " which are absolute jokes to the medium. You want politics in your kids show, Fine. But make a good goddamn story first. You need to have a good story, And sure, It can have heavy political undertones! Don't make politics the entire goddamn story!

  • They don't have the required skills for politics

    Why would children need to learn about politics? Politics requires research and a lot of careful consideration about what is happening in the world and how to fix those problems. Children are just not interested in that, And they lack the reading skills required to read the statics and research papers. Arguments as complex as politics require a lot of skills. You need an 8th-grade reading level, Good grammar, Know a good bit about history, And deep analysis of studies and their flaws. As a teenager, I'm struggling with politics, And so are a lot of adults. In my opinion, Children shouldn't need to worry about it because quite frankly they lack the skills to do so.

  • A no way

    It is a stupid idea. Kids can't even vote. It's so dumb. I hate it very much. My little brother hates it my little brother never ever wants to see it again nor do i there isn't a point people don't need attention to be wanted. I guess the point is that it's just sad. :_(

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