• Yong Adults need to vote!

    Many young adults do not vote. I feel that this is the result of the fact that they don’t understand Politics. The reason they don’t understand is either because they are not interested or they are afraid to have an opinion. The days of parents passing politics on to their children being the most likely way in politics needs to come to an end. And adults need a chance to form their own opinions so our society can progress and move forward on a continuous basis

  • A compulsory GCSE

    In politics is important because the ability to engage with many aspects of society assumes a certain level of knowledge which many young people don't have. If the majority of people don't know how to evaluate and critique their government policy, governments will continue to walk over their voters. It is in the UK's best interests that politics at school is mandatory

  • Teens are our future

    Politics should be taught in high school. If your old enough to drive and to vote, you should be able to handle politics. I don't know why society looks down on politics. Reality show hosts (like Ellen) degrade it and insult it. Our generation should know who their voting for...

  • It should be included in every civics class.

    The curriculum should be non-biased, of course; teachers would have to be able to communicate with their students about political topics without letting their personal opinions influence it. But I know if you create a more politically literate population it would extremely benefit people not only personally, but voters would actually know what they were voting about and on come November.

  • Educated Aware Society

    We have a population that is abused by the newsroom's opinion of what is going on. Political education would make a better democracy for America. We would have a society that wouldn't be fooled or manipulated my shrewd politicians. America is a democracy, but it really needs to be improved.

  • Politics should not be taught in public schools

    Too immature, too easlily influenced, not enough life experience. I had no idea what was working in this country nor did I know what was not. I was taught by great educators and they seemed to really care. But I would never in a million years want another person cramming personal political views down my child's throat. It is impossible to teach unbiased politics due to at heart being a very passionate topic. These things should be learned over time through discussions with many different people. Close friends family starngers

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  • Good idea in theory, bad in practice.

    It should not be mandatory. It should be definitely offered as some type of extracurricular club or something, but the school only teaches it if they WANT to. Even if it's supposed to be non-partisan, unbaised politics, it could turn bad if the schools are mandated to do it. My school does it, but they aren't required to, so it helps maintain its neutrality. If it's mandated, the government could also mandate what be taught (because of Common Core), and the politics that are taught would roughly correspond with the political stance of the government at that time.

    We need to be more educated on politics, but it should more so fall under "current events", and let the students formulate their OWN opinions before sharing the official ones; rather than falling under "politics", and expressing all the current opinions before the students come up with their own.

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