Should poly marriage be legal since gay marriage is now?

  • Marriage is marriage

    Humans date many different partners, perhaps in search for the elusive right one, but the act of trying out multiple partners, and being attracted to many different humans, seems polyamorious. Humans have the potential love many people, even if it's not specifically in relation to wanting a marriage partner.

    And although monogamy is promoted in our society, people do have the tendency to be attracted to the most popular person. Perhaps this is somewhat like an animal instinct, that the alpha in a pact, attracts and gains favor from many potential suitors, and perhaps humans have many animal instances, regardless of how much they try to distance themselves from it.

    There is a belief, from entertainment, that there's a right one out there. It is the true love story, that they will give everything they have for each other, and that it's romantic, and they are fully commuted to each other, loyal, loving, etc.

    But in real life, if humans were genetically built to fall in love with only one other human, and no one else, for their entire lifetime, cheating would be non-existent. But cheating occurs because humans are attracted various other humans, and they are not just attracted to one person, but many people throughout their lives.

    If there's consenting adults, and in this day and age, why not have poly marriages? But to be honest, in my understanding of problems within relationships, it's already difficult to cater to just one partner (spending time with them, making sure they're okay, unhappy moments, etc.) but trying catering to many partners, and for the rest of your life... That might be a challenge.

  • One true love

    The belief is you wait all of your life, and eventually you feel worthless, like you aren't good enough, but then you meet the ONE you truly love. When you meet this person you are supposed to be in love with them, and no one else. I believe it's horrible.

  • I think it would be beneficial.

    It's common in America for both people in a marriage to work outside the home, combining incomes to make life easier. Imagine if you combined 3 or more incomes. Many people object to the idea of getting married for any reason other than "true love," but why not form a civil union based on mutual financial benefit? Aspirations like "true love" and "true happiness" are actually very modern ideas, anyway. We've romanticized history with those notions in mind.

  • Sure, why not?

    I dont see a problem with it as long as everyone in the relationship is a mature adult about it. You can have multiple people in one big relationship, have you never liked more than one person? As long as its not like 50 people and everyone is mature; go have some fun.

  • I agree with this

    I am a polysexual person and i love them. You can have more than 1 person to marry just like in fiction times. Other countries, they have polysexuals like myself. Are you a sexual machine? Who wants to have sex with you? Being rapped is wrong. Millions of yrs being polysexual.

  • Might even be easier to pass.

    I don't really see why not. If you want to marry multiple people, then go ahead. It might be easier to pass, since some religions (the bane of gay marriage) encourage polygamy. That being said, I think that it would be interesting to see if/how tax tables would reflect polygamous marriages.

  • The Modern World.

    Poly-marriage should be legal, yes. We live in the twenty-first century and, if you're from a country outside of America, the scientific age. Like much of our out-dates values that have carried over from previous generations, the idea that a human being can only love one person comes largely from biblical values. Polyamoury is valid since 'love' is not a fixed thing as the word implies, you can love different things about different people to different degrees and those values will evolve and change with time. Therefore, given that it is possible to love multiple people, it should be possible to marry them. After all, what is freedom without love?

  • I don't see why not?

    If several people want to get married then why shouldn't they? As long as it is genuine love and not just for tax-breaks or some other silly reason. We should deny NO ONE the right to marry and to start a family. How does it affect you if three people decide to get married?

  • YES it should be!

    Marriage is no longer considered to be between 1 man & 1 woman...2 men or 2 women can legally get married.

    I believe that any number of spouses should be allowed to get married!

    If the definition has changed why should one group (gays) be the only ones that benefit from this change?

  • Marriage as a legal benefit

    Marriage is currently between two people, the necessary characteristics have changed for who those two people must be, however it is still a legal binding between two people. It is a commitment to a singular person, to "forsake all others".

    On a legal basis, marriage gives a spouse several rights, including the right to manage a persons healthcare and decisions if they are unable to. Say a man is married to two women, he has an accident and slips in to a coma, one wife says pull the plug, the other wife says keep him alive. Who are the medical professionals to listen to?

  • No it shouldn't

    Gay marriage is legal because you can't help your sexuality,you are born with your sexuality and it is unable to be changed so to be stopped from being yourself is not what society is about.Whereas Poly marriage can be helped because even if it is a desire,it can be helped,you aren't being discriminated because of something that is uncontrollable and natural.

  • I think the world has gone crazy. Even animals don't do such a thing, we're in the era where roles are reversed

    Well in marriage some fights may occur and that's only between two, imagine if they were more than that they'll fight and disagree most of the time, think of it as a comparison between a question with two choices and a multiple choices question, the first question won't be that confusing to answer.
    Plus if they have kids, some of them may prefer certain parents than others and that creates some jealousies and envious feelings and eventually they will question themselves if what they did was ever right.

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