• It should be decriminalized.

    Legalizing it is a hard step that might not be worth taking. I support everyone that Agrees polygamy is fine as long as all parties give consent, But having it as though it were legal is just as good for the people, And only an easy walk in the park for government officials. It’s a win-win.

  • Yes Polygamy should be decriminalized.

    “The Constitution promises liberty to all within its reach, liberty that includes certain specific rights that allow persons, within a lawful realm, to define and express their identity.” The 14th Amendment guarantees the right to marriage to all citizens, and that denying them marriage robs them of liberty entitled to them by law. Marriage is an ennobling institution that bestows dignity upon those who enter it.

  • I do not see how polygamy is a public matter.

    And in such a case, I do not understand why it should be illegal. As long as the practice doesn't involved actions that may harm individuals, or place them into situations they did not agree to (forced marriage, wife kidnappings...) , it should be legalized. Furthermore, for those who might call it sexist, there is no reason why polygamy couldn't be practiced by a female (as the only wife).

  • Decriminalized but not legalized?

    It's stupid to put someone in jail for having multiple partners. That is a waste of tax money because there are people who really need to be separated from society. Legally, a person should be able to have only one partner. Not legally, a person should be able to have all the partners s/he wants. If forced polygamy is an issue, address THAT. We don't outlaw marriage because some people were forced. Instead, we regulate marriage so it isn't forced. The same with polygamy. Besides, more then one partner is not legally valid anyway. If a person is forced to have sex with their "partner," use rape laws. I don't think we should interfere with peoples private lives.

  • Don't decriminalize polygamy

    How can the US decriminalize the ancient patriarchal practice of polygamy when on July 17, 1980, it signed the UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women, which condemns polygamy as a contravention of women's equality rights? If the US allowed polygamy it would be reneging on its own signed document. Polygamy comes from the dark ages when women had no rights and were considered property. It's high time to kick this ancient misogynistic practice into the garbage can of history. The year is 2013 AD, not 2013 BC.

  • Isnt it already?

    Elected officials of this land need to be educated in the difference between LGBT and those that practice polygamy. LGBT is the way a parson is born... Polygamy is taught through religion. BIG difference! People can read the bible or any other religious doctrine and interpret it and then choose to teach it the way they want... This is how polygamy was born... Through religion... The people of the LGBT community are just born…they are not taught to be who they are, they are who they are!
    Polygamy is NOT all “Sister Wives”, “Big Love” or even “Polygamy USA”… As for decriminalization of polygamy… isn’t it already? I don’t see the Browns or the Dargers being thrown in jail for breaking the law … do you?? The reason for that… the law “enforcement” is getting their piece of the pie… even though the tax payers are paying on average $13,800 per MONTH in public assistance for an average polygamous family… one man, five wives and five children each… it is called “Bleeding the Beast” and YES, YOU are paying for it… an LGBT couple is NOT trying to take your money… they just want to have the same rights as any other couple.

    As a resident of So. UT for almost 20 years it was very obvious to me that the law turned a blind eye to the FLDS where girls (some as young as 12) were being married off to older men. It was always sad to me to see a young FLDS girl with a baby in her arms and wonder if it was her sibling or her child.

    My husband worked at the local paper in St. George, UT (The Spectrum, a Gannett paper) for 16 years as the local news editor (including the years of the Jeffs trials). With all the research he did during that time he found many instances of the "lack of law" in this area and the corruption going on. He wrote 'plygs' a fact-based journalistic novel of the FLDS.

    As for the “slippery slope” … there should be none. What the people
    of the FLDS and the UAB practice as their “lifestyle” is SO far from it. People
    want to look at polygamy along with the LGBT and it is a totally different
    world. The LGBT just want to marry ONE person and have a life the way other
    monogamous couples live. The Polygamous world is based on religion. They hide
    behind it, they survive on the words of a prophet that has ended himself and
    several others in jail. What good can come of a “religion” that 12, 13, 14 yr
    old girls are “married” to the “highest bidder” (tithing and favors) within a

    Polygamy that is taught through religion is NOT a choice.
    They live it or they are forever damned. They live it or they will be cast out with
    nothing…there is no slope… there is a mountain and our politicians are terrified to climb it!

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