• Nothing good will come of it

    Polygamy is a bad practice for social and economic reasons. If women could have multiple husbands (must likely, due to feminizem), men would become object like, and vise-versa. Plus, it's difficult to support kids with one wife even more so with two.

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  • Yes, it can be used to exploit women

    Though there are some cases across the world in which women and men both support a polygamous lifestyle, it can easily be abused, especially in the United States. Men can use polygamy as a way to exploit vulnerable women or girls. So, polygamy should remain illegal for the sake of young women everywhere.

  • If people choose to be in multiple partner relationships, it should be legal for them to do so.

    With the exception of some outlying extremist communities, polygamy is largely a choice that consenting adults make. If people choose to be in relationships with multiple partners, and they have a happy family life, they should not have to live in fear of going to jail because they happened to have chosen to love and make a life with more than one person.

  • No, polygamy should not be illegal in the United States.

    Although polygamy in the United States more often than not is associated with the history of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, other religions practice polygamy as a matter of course. Inasmuch as polygamy can be a part of certain religions, eliminating the ban on the practice arguably is required by the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.

  • Polygamy was permissible in Biblical times.

    Polygamy, while undesirable in certain cases, should not be illegal. It was a permissible activity through much of Biblical times. For example, Moses had two wives, and Solomon had hundreds of wives. While polygamy is difficult by putting a greater strain on a man to provide for his family, it should not be construed as a completely illegal activity.

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