• Love is not for the government to decide

    What a "traditional" marriage is has been redefined many times in history. Just a century ago the average marriage age was in the teens. Many other culture have a do practice polygamy. Who are we to judge? If no one is being hurt by the act, and all parties agree, then it's not for the government to decide who can and can not be in love.

  • It's none of our business

    Polygamy is not something that I am interested in, not because I think it is wrong but because I know for myself it is not something that I could handle. That being said, I am blown away that people think it necessary to make laws that restrict consenting adults in their love lives. It shouldn't matter to anyone but the people involved. If you don't like it, don't be involved in one. Other people should not be allowed to dictate what is ok for someone else, when there is no duplicity involved.

  • People should be able to practice marriage however they want

    If people want to marry multiple people, I say let them. It could provide larger families, but more people will be able to help pay for necessities (bills, groceries,etc) I see no problem with it. Say this girl I like proposes to me, but I already decided to marry someone else. If polygamy was legal, I could marry both of them, and we'd all be happy. I'm also for gay marriages. While I certainty won't have multiple spouses or a spouse of the same gender, I say let people who DO want multiple or same gender spouses marry who they want.

  • People Should Form Their Personal Relationships How They Want

    If I want to live with just one person, several people, on a commune, what ever I should be able to do so. Marriage itself should be ceremonial and only civil unions granted even to platonic people living together. Romance should not be privileged by the state more so than friends just living together.

  • Men's nature should be respected.

    As long as the man and his first wife agree and the second woman or the other women agree, why not? Cheating on wife or having mistresses is "worse" than polygamy. In my opinion, polygamy should be legalized and affairs outside marriage should be illeaglized otherwise, what do we need a marriage certificate or a legal registration for?

  • Yes, polygamy should be legal

    Yes, I believe polygamy should be legal. So many people are outraged by polygamy because it goes against their religious values, personal convictions, and so on, however, they fail to realize that personal ideals and religious freedom is far more important than just their beliefs. Countries like the USA have over time become very progressive with touchy issues like gay marriage, and it should be the same with polygamy.

  • People's Right

    I really don't believe in polygamy at all. However I do know that there are people that think polygamy is completely normal and as a mature adult, I respect that. I may not agree with it but honestly it's not my business and if those polygamous couples are happy with being that way, then let them be.

  • Consenting adults can do what they want.

    People should be able to be in whatever sort of relationship they like. If that is a monogamous relationship with a member of the opposite sex, fine. However, same-sex marriage is gaining acceptance, so why not other consensual relationships between adults? Some reform of tax laws and such will have to be done in order that it could not be abused, but this is perhaps most easily solved by the government withdrawing in general from policing what is an acceptable relationship would be.

  • NO, polygamy should not be made legal.

    Polygamy desecrates marriage. Marriage is a part of our culture, and most cultures, including ours, view marriage as the legal union of two individuals. If polygamy would be legalized, then the primary meaning of marriage would be altered, and everything would be different. Imagine taking a vow in front of a marriage officiant for different times together with different spouses. Maybe you would think that "It's okay, it's legal." Let's assume that yes, it's legal, but it just implies that you are not solemn because you have that notion that whatever's legal is okay. This law would allow you to marry whoever you want, but it will depreciate your happiness.

  • A bad idea from the start

    If you really care for the person you love you should be able to commit yourself to her/him and not anyone else. Its unfair and can only cause economic issues for all of them and even worse will result in one being jealous of the other. I don't even know why a couple would want this, cause if they do then apparently they don't love each other enough to stay with that one person.

  • Definitely not

    Marriage should be between one man and woman, not one man and multiple women. It seems like an excuse to cheat and lie. How is a marriage supposed to be a happy and understanding one when a woman knows that her husband is with someone else as well? The Mormons do not practice polygamy. It is not encouraged or supported at all.

  • Antiquated Way of Doing Things Has No Place in Modern Society

    Polygamy was a way to ensure someone had enough children to carry on the family line. Despite fundamentalist Mormons who believe polygamy is a viable way of life, there is no place for such practices in a legal sense in America. How does someone file taxes in the "married, filing jointly" category? Who inherits the property when the man is dead? Polygamy, in a legal sense, is too complicated. If someone wants to marry one woman legally and then have other "wives" not legally married to the man, go ahead, it's a free country.

  • Research shows it harms women... And maybe men

    "And now, here's the answer. In "The puzzle of monogamous marriage" (see, I wasn't the only one puzzled by this) by Henrich, Boyd and Richerson, the authors present evidence that monogamy actually has significant social benefits. In polygyny, powerful men gather the most desirable women for themselves. And less powerful men "go hungry," wifeless. In fact, throughout human history, while 80% of women have reproduced, only 40% of men have. Those men who couldn't compete, didn't get to have even a single wife, and thus didn't have children. So, what did those men do with their time? According to Henrich, Boyd and Richerson, it appears they got into lots of trouble. Societies where polygyny has been (and still is) practiced, have higher rates of violent crime, poverty, and other types of crime such as fraud. Apparently, if you can't get a wife, what's the point of following the rules?"
    "Women in polygynous relationships are at increased risk of mental health problems as a result of higher rates of domestic violence, including sexual abuse, and co-wife conflict. They also tend to fare worse financially."

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