Should poor, childless adults and college students be eligible for government benefits? (food-stamps, cash assistance, Section 8, etc)?

Asked by: desianna
  • Yes- they're the ones who need it most.

    Government assistance should not be for families and families alone. Government assistance (the social safety net, as some like to call it) is designed to keep people out of poverty. Because poverty is not selective in terms of ages, parental status, etc., neither should government assistance. Keeping people out of poverty is in the best interest of the nation, no matter who the person is.

  • Yes, if it is earned.

    This is a question that I have often wondered about but have found little information and/or debates on and I feel it is important. I believe that welfare should be for all those who are truly struggling and have contributed to these programs, though it seems that poor college students and childless adults are either ineligible for aid, or have difficult being eligible. I would love to hear thoughts on both sides, however, and if you have information that I have missed, I would love to further educate myself on this topic.

  • If you can afford to go to collage, you can afford to feed yourself.

    There's no reason someone who can spend loads of money at a school can't scrape enough money together to feed oneself. The same goes for singles with no kids. The only person you have to look after is yourself, and you don't need the government to waste other people's money feeding someone who can feed themselves.

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