Should Pope Benedict be put on trial for covering up the Church's child sexual abuse?

  • Cleaning out the diabolical scoundrels must begin somewhere. The Pope was covering up holds him just as responsible. It is the Law.

    Concerned about whether or not to accuse the Pope? What about he children? Nothing is stating concern for the children.
    Disgusting fact is the Catholic church has held ethnic cleansing since they have been established. Killing Jews, killing Protestants, Chinese and so many more. Now it is the children . Who is concerned about what has taken place with them? SHAME ON THE CATHOLIC CHURCH. They need to be brought to justice. What is so special about them that they can do these things and not be held accountable? IT IS TIME. Let all be brought to the world and what they have been doing for centuries.

  • Yes, he should be held accountable for the secrecy.

    Whoever had knowledge of the sexual abuse had an obligation to do more than just move the offending priests to a new area. Priests within the Catholic Church carry a great deal of respect and trust from within the community, so a priest that has been moved would be automatically accepted and not suspected. Moving the priest amounts to a cover up and allows him to potentially carry on his abuse. These priests should have been excommunicated.

  • No the former Pope should not be on trial

    I do not think that the former Pope, Benedict, should be held on trial for the Church's child sexual abuse scandals. I think that all the claims of the victim's of the abuse were out of control of Benedict, and instead the priests who committed the terrible acts should go on trial.

  • Changing The Culture Of The Church Would Be Better

    A trial wouldn't solve anything at this point. It's more important that Catholic church fix itself and institute wide sweeping reforms. The next pope will have his hands full doing that, and if he doesn't even try, he will be doing even more to hurt the reputation of the church.

    Posted by: rpr
  • I do not believe there is enough cause to do so.

    Such a thing would be one of the largest news stories in decades and would set some dangerous precedents. Until such a time happens when there is reasonable cause and evidence to believe that the Pope did not follow the law, any such trial would only be an act of futility and witch-hunting.

  • The problem is older than Benedict.

    Sexual abuse has been a problem for the Catholic church for generations, and it really isn't fair to expect the Pope of a struggling organization to strangle the Catholic church while there is still difficulties to be controlled. Perhaps the next Pope will be in a better position to change things, but Benedict's time is done.

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