• Canonize Pope Benedict XVI

    Without a doubt, Pope Benedict XVI should be canonized for his efforts during his lifetime. He made huge strides for the Catholic church, and his contributions cannot be denied by most Catholics and even non-Catholics. Therefore, he should be canonized as soon as possible to commemorate his life and contributions.

  • The man should never be canonized.

    You have got to be kidding me with this question. Pope Benedict was the closest thing the Roman Catholic Church has come to putting a raving fundamentalist loon at their helm for several centuries. While his resignation from the office of Pope might be viewed as a miracle of divine intervention by some, it's not gonna fly for sainthood.

  • No he should not

    No he should not be canonized, at least not so soon because he is not even dead yet for one which in my opinion should at least be a requirement and because he did not really do anything that was noteworthy, not to mention he was not even a pope for that long.

  • For Future Generations

    I do not believe Pope Benedict XVI should be canonized, as of yet. I think that is a decision best left to future generations in the Catholic Church. I think time gives people to really solidify their opinion of people and their acts. I think given the proper amount of time it will be obvious rather or not he should be canonized.

  • Far Too Soon

    I believe Pope Benedict XVI was a wonderful leader for the Catholic Church, however, being canonized is something that generally happens long after a persons death. Given that Pope Benedict XVI is still with us, you can't really canonize him. I think that is a decision for a future generation to decide.

  • Don't canonize Ratzinger

    During his time in office Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger:
    1. Covered up potentially tens of thousands of child rapes.
    2. Joined the fight against condoms and a significant portion of the 2 or so million people who die of AIDS every year can be put down to the work of Pope Benedict.
    And yet this is a person who a billion people look up to.

    Posted by: A341

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