• Yes, if he thinks he should.

    He is in the best position to know if he is capable of continuing his position. Most popes linger on in the position until they die, which I don't think is in the church's best interest, especially as the world is in such turmoil now. I respect him for making this decision.

  • Too late!

    You're too late! The pope already resigned, rendering this question null and void! So assuming the pope was actually still in power, I would say that yes he should resign. He should also dissolve the Catholic Church, rebuff its followers, and empty the church's vaults to help create economic equality in the world.

  • Yes, Pope Benedict XVI should resign.

    Yes, Pope Benedict XVI should resign. Under his leadership, some of the biggest scandals involving priests and altar boys were brought to light. Instead of being fired from the position of Pope or resigning much earlier, he has had many years of sitting in that capacity while his church was inundated with numerous scandals.

  • Resign? For what?

    I am not Catholic, but I really don't think Pope Benedict XVI should resign. He has been a fairly good Pope and has been much more honest and open with non-Catholics. Some have said the recent Catholic priest abuse scandals should make the Pope resign. Why? Are you saying President Obama should resign because Weinnergate?

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