• It's not productive.

    Yes, Pope Francis should oppose legalizing recreational drug use, because it is not something that God would have been for. The Bible says not to be a drunk. When you're drunk or high, you're not in a good shape to be doing something productive for yourself or in the world. It just doesn't lead to good. The Pope should oppose it.

  • Finding Ways to Reach Out to People is Important

    While religious organisations should have no true influence on the state, I think it's important that the church set an example for the people it is preaching to. Many people, even those who are not catholic, look up to the current Pope as someone people can look up to and learn from, so setting a strong positive example in all respects is important.

  • Yes he should oppose drug use

    I think that it is only right that the Pope should be against using recreational drugs. I think he should not promote people using drugs that could harm their body by using drugs just to have fun. If it was for medical reasons than I would not be against it, but for recreational purposes think he should definately be against it

  • Pope Francis has a duty to oppose legalizing recreational drug use

    Pope Francis is a spiritual and religious leader that has moral and ethical duty to speak up and oppose the legalizing of recreational drug use. He is a role model to many around the world and his beliefs along with the millions of followers actually does not give much choice in what action he must take.

  • Since recreational drug use is pretty vague I would say yes

    If he is in support of marijuana, I wouldn't really care. But all drugs is a lot of bad drugs. Heroine, cocaine, crack, meth...People who try these drugs can't even use them recreationally. Addiction sucks and witnessing addictions sucks too. But people will always find a way to get their fix.

  • Put aside cherry picked arguments and understand the reality.

    In the reality we live in, people die to the use of drugs all the time and the majority of the time is due to illegal drugs being hard to get and completely unregulated.

    If drugs that are illegal became legal and regulated for the public, gangs and underground organisations that earn money through the production and selling of these drugs will lose a large majority of their buyers and will end up ruined by this change.

    Regulating drugs will allow the government to earn the money that otherwise would go to underground organisations and create a huge economical change in the Nation while at the same time being far safer to use.

    Alcohol kills WAY MORE people then illegal drugs and if saving lives is the Popes personal view then the pope would consider thinking about changing the churches view on drugs then trying to deny the outweighing advantages regulating drugs will have.

  • Can I point out something?

    I would just like to point out something you may have missed.

    First the pope is the head of the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH. Your own rituals use the body and blood of christ, which is BREAD AND WINE? Sugar and Fat have similar effects of Cocaine in the human braint, meaning its an addictive quality, and if you take your arguments of black and white morality, Red Meat is also bad, along with most candy.

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