• People's Pope Traveled the World

    Pope John Paul II should be canonized because he was the people's pope. John Paul II traveled the world and brought Catholicism to the masses with young and old alike. He was truly a man of the poor and impoverished, much like Pope Francis is today. Pope John Paul II should become a saint as soon as possible.

  • I agree with Pope John Paul II being canonized

    Pope John Paul II was an amazing man and was of great influence. He was Pope for many years and helped end communist rule. He significantly improved the Catholic Church and was a powerfule force in the modernization of it. Canonizing Pope John Paull II should be an easy decision.

  • His papacy was flawed

    His reign as pope created a form of an idol cult based more on emotions than true spiritual conversion.Millions of Catholics left the church,he was indifferent towards tradionalists but embraced those outside the church .And he covered up the scandals of child abuse,gay priests and nuns the Vaticans bank dealings etc.To he will never really be a saint but the poster boy of the new religion he created.

  • No no no

    The Church under JP II's reign suffered unprecedented confusion and apostasy. He spent most of his time propping up his cult. The man was an actor in his former life and it showed. The man was a narcissist of the worst kind - one with a brainless, captive audience. He set the stage for his own canonization by eliminating procedures meant to protect the integrity of the canonization process. Let some time pass, bring back the devil's advocate. What's happening now is a farce.

  • Pope John Paul II should not be canonized.

    The former Pope, John Paul II, should not be canonized because there is not sufficient evidence that he was a saint. In fact, while he was pope, the church suffered some of the worst child abuses scandals in its history. Furthermore, there has not been sufficient evidence that he performed any miracles.

  • He is human.

    No, Pope John Paul II should not be canonized, because it is up to God to judge us all in the end. There are some people who think that every Pope should be canonized. Pope John Paul II did bring people together, but it is up to God to judge whether any person is qualified for sainthood.

  • No, because canonization is not automatic.

    We can ask if someone should be put up for being canonized, but that means lots of steps have to be taken including proving that miracles were done in his name. He certainly seemed to have been a sweet soul, if a bit reactionary, and it would be fine to put his name to the test.

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