• Yes, Pope Pius XII should be canonized.

    I support the anointment of this new Pope, Pius XII, because the position of the Pope should not be important to anyone important. A Popes are leaders, but nothing is truly decided by them. The pope has his own parliamentary body and media image to keep him from doing anything terrible. Additionally, the people are not absolutely obligated to accept his image.

  • Canonization is ideal

    Pope Pius XII should be canonized. This is because he, as a figurehead, did great work in leadership for the Church. In addition, he helped people across the world, including impoverished Catholics in third-world nations. There have been miracles and holy visions attributed to his name as well, an canonization would be appropriate for someone whose name these happened under.

  • Why should they

    I never truly understood why they canonize popes. Doesn't the bible say that you shouldn't have any false idols and you shouldn't put up mere mortals to that level and canonize them. I think that he should be known for his works, but not canonized to be revered by all people.

  • He Already Has Been

    Pope Pius XII's cause for canonization was opened on November 18th, 1965. During his time I feel like he could have done more to speak out against the German genocide of Jewish people as it may have been a chance for the church to make up a bad past regarding their interactions. To me personally, I don't care if he is canonized or not.

  • No, he shouldn't.

    Pope Pius XII is widely celebrated by many, but this man does not deserve to be a saint. The corruption and barbarism under this pope is unmatched by most other popes, and for whatever reason it gets swept under the rug for him. No, do not canonize Pius XII. Bad idea.

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