• All people restricted

    Pornhub and Porn in any for is against human right, Woman right, Religious value.
    It make people addicted to itself and like grass or anything else destroy love and society and family. History shows some ones for making money do anything to make war or make porn. And should restrict for everyones.

  • If you are older than 35 you shouldn't be allowed to use pornhub

    Pornhub is made for younger people and I definitely think that there should be an age restriction for people who are too old. If you are over 35 and still on pornhub then you will probably be a virgin for the rest of your life. Also it is gross thinking of a 60 year old man watching the same video of that sort made for 6-20 year olds.

  • Because it does not matter

    Curiosity kills my friend. People now have admitted they have watched porn since they were like 6 years old. But learning from a young age that porn kills your brain definitely helps. And learning from your mistakes. Age restriction is going to leave that crave for a person until he is 18 to possibly and eventually develop a porn addiction, Which is no good. I rather have porn addiction when Im young and learn from my mistakes, Than having it when Im older. Thank You.

  • Freedom of Choice over Arbitrary Restriction

    To start, I am assuming that this is about an upper age restriction, As a minimum age restriction has already been implemented. It makes no sense to impose this kind of restriction. People have the right to decide for themselves whether or not porn is suitable for them, And that is fundamentally what this question is about. Placing restrictions on people's behaviors is pointless and arbitrary when it does not contribute to the assurance of freedom of others. A person is capable of making their own choices, Is responsible for knowing and accepting the consequences. Choice should not be delegated to regulation. Watching porn is a choice, And those who watch it regardless of age take responsibility for the consequences of that choice, Be it damaging relationships or becoming addicted to it.

  • Age is just a number

    You might be 70 yrs old but still have the cum shot of a 20 year old. Gotta stick out for everyone. Just because you millennia think an old man getting some makes him a pedophile well YOU ARE WRONG SIR. You need to diversify your age preference to more than just your own.

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