• It is damaging our society and hurting our children's future.

    The porn industry is growing and growing and growing and growing... You get the point. A major part of all internet searches are pornography. Porn is similar to drugs and functions similarly like a drug. Pornography can damage relationships, destroy families, separate couples, etc. Also, the production of pornography is slowly beginning to strain our economy. Now, good quality movies do not strain economy, but pornography will one day cost our country immense amounts of money.

  • Diminishing Values and Increased sexual Assaults on Women.

    Porn is an evil to the society.. It is degrading gender relationships and objectify Women. This leads to sexual assaults on women and rape cases are rapidly increasing. Many porn Actors are brutally tortured and they were later forced to prostitution. It is killing the Porn Actors and society social values and mentally stability of the performers.

  • Considering that it is devaluing people- I think so.

    You have a mind, use it to fantasize instead of looking for real people to perform sexual actions for you like in a circus. If you look outside and watch someone in a window undress- you would be considered a pervert. Well, there is no difference when you do the same online except in some cases the people voluntarily did it for money... Kind of like prostitution. Nobody says they want to be a porn star or prostitute when they grow-up. It is a devaluing; disgusting life and those who want to usually have an issue with self-esteem or was pressured into it because they can't find a job (if their not sold into it). When people don't watch porn in their relationships- it makes your sex-life much more amazing too. You value each other more, your loyal to each other more and you can enjoy all the rich variety of sexual stimulation with just each other. Bringing in "other" people doesn't exactly sit well physically, so mentally- what are you doing, but cheating on your partner. If you want to be promiscuous and not commit to someone- than don't expect anyone to commit to you and never truly feel the best and most pleasurable sex ever.

  • Destroyed my marriage

    Husband says I don't for fill his sexual needs because he watched porn and was disappointed cause I am not like them. He does not watch porn that you have to pay for he watches the free porn. Porn is destroying marriages all across the world. These people have lack of self respect and lack of respect for other s as well. I know that if porn wasn't around my husband and I would have a descent relationship. Porn is like a drug and he can not control himself anymore.

  • Yes porn should be ban

    It's nothing but a disgrace of women.
    What the messages they conveying by showing which is not sex about. Badly affecting our society and future. Watching regular porn affecting relationship and sexual health. I request authorities consider porn as dangerous as lethal drug and ban it. Thank you so much

  • No no no!

    Porn should be banned! It is to easy for young people to access!!! Maybe ok for older people but it's not right! This has been questioned for a while it's wrong and should not be filmed to! It's meant to be private why would people want to share! It can lead to so much more which is what no one needs! Ban has to happen!

  • It's Spearheading The Internet And Has Corrupted Millions Worldwide.

    As Stated In My Title, Pornography Is Worshipped As One Of The Things That Holds The Internet Up. Most Of The Internet's Users Are Male, And With Porn's Position As One Of The Hottest Things On The Internet, It's Changing The Way These People Act In A Negative Way.

    As A 13-Year Old Holding Up His Own YouTube Account (Virus Reaper), I Find In The Comments On YouTube And Other Sites That These Male Users Generally Act Hostile Towards Girls And Younger Age Groups. Most Of These Users Are In Their Late Teens Or Are College-Aged. This Online Movement Must Be Stopped.


  • This ban should happen at any cost...

    Porn is very addictive like drugs,smoking and drinking.People opine that it relaxes them when they see it, but in fact they stress themselves more while seeing it as it activates the sexual hormones in them and makes them feel awkward.The once thriving sex life they had seems to be boring after they watch porn harming the relationship they had with their spouse.Now many people have access to the internet, people who are mostly online are children and teenagers ,if by chance they stumble upon porn they watch it.This age is when they come to terms with their life ,experience many new things and explore their sexuality as well,porn leads to a confusion and perception that sex is done like that when the reality is not that,they lose interest in their academics and the country is losing it's precious youngsters who are going to lead and develop the country.This is when the government should intervene and ban porn for the betterment of the nation.

  • There can be issues where it can lead to other more dangerous territories.

    Not saying it should be completely banned but certainly the variety should be more limited. I was speaking to a male friend, who is against porn being banned, and in fact he was saying that there needs to be less restrictions on porn such as child drawn porn. And that his supporting argument was that if its available online then its less likely a pedophile would act upon their urges in real life to an actual child. Granted that may be the case but, it sickens me thinking that people with problems instead of coming forward for help, or being locked up we would instead cater to their 'needs' in the comfort of their home. He says that there's nothing wrong with loving a child and that its OK, but to act upon the urge is wrong. But surly that's a classic example of temptation... Allowing an individual access to material (which they know is wrong) and yet telling them they can't act upon it. And not to mention in cases it can be an addiction. Personally people like my friend who support pornography give myself and others a bad impression of the subject, giving us the reasons for our opinions. BTW my friend is a boy who is 17 and to my knowledge is not a pedophile (although after this i have my doubts)

  • I've wanted to loll myself over it

    After having twins my body is not the same.. To find out my partner had been watching porn after the birth of our children destroyed me - this, on top of my post natal depression made me want to kill myself. Same issue with 'babestation' and the likes - I can be upstairs crying my eyes out about my body and partner could possibly be downstairs looking at that. It's broken my heart time and time again.

  • Freedom of Expression.

    If you want freedom of speech and freedom of expression, that means you have to defend the right of people to express things you might not like. Pornography is a business- a multi-billion dollar business. If there was no demand for said business it would have crumbled long ago.
    This is how capitalism works- if you provide a service people want, you prosper. If you don't like a business, vote with your dollars. But you don't get to just ban everything you don't personally agree with.

  • No it shouldn't.

    With the advent of self-upload sites like porntube, youporn and pornhub, people are producing their own porn. There are still studios that hire people to 'act', but these are mostly legitimate companies. There is little to no abuse left in the industry, and masturbating harms literally zero people, and regular ejaculation has statistically shown to reduce chances of prostate cancer in men. You can find these statistics.

  • The Internet Is For Porn

    The internet is for porn. Let's look at some upsides of the internet:

    There's always some new site... FOR PORN
    I can browse all day and night... FOR PORN
    The internet is really great... FOR PORN
    I have a fast connection, so I never have to really wait... FOR PORN
    I'm glad we have this technology... FOR PORN
    It gives us untold opportunity... FOR PORN
    I can browse at the speed of light,,, FOR PORN,,,,,

    I rest my case.

  • Porn should be baned? But there are worst things out in this world that will never be baned, why should pornograpgy be baned?

    One of the best examples is the Middle East region, where conflicts over religion have come to the point of war, "WAR" which really affects people's lives economically, physically and emotionally... But religion will never be baned due to the fact that ... We have the right to choose or not to choose any religion. It is said that pornography destroys society values, (that might be right) but one controversial fact about this is the fact that industries such as coal and petroleum producer factories destroy our environment and killed thousands of animals every year... Isn't that against our values, but once again those industries will never be baned, even though they do more harm than pornography industries.

  • Legal pornography should not be banned.

    Porn is just a part of the world today. As long as the images themselves are not illegal and do not harm anybody than it should not be banned. Pornography between two consenting adults is a healthy enough thing, with moderation, and does not do anything, really, worth being banned.

  • No.. It shouldn't. However..

    Pornography CAN be extremely addicting and cause major problems in someone's life. There are numerous accounts you can find on google and such of porn addiction and all its related problems.

    I don't think it should be banned though, because some people don't have problems with it. But, the dangers should be know, and that a lot of your problems could come from porn use, as it activates the same addictive pathways in your brain as addicting drugs do.

  • What consenting adults do is their business.

    The sex industry needs to be regulated, not sent underground. Most of the problems stem from the belief that sex industry workers are not worthy of respect, and neither is their profession. Many in society are guilty of this, and it contributes a lot to the abuse of those within it and devastation to the workers psychologically and even to their lives. It IS a legitimate job, and the workers are just as worthy of respect as any CEO, Prime Minister, secretary, politician, bank teller or any other profession. They do provide a service, and like it or not it's one which does fulfil human needs. They should not be denigrated for doing so.

  • Um no like NO

    Porn really is just not all that bad and harm is often exaggerated, This like divorce, neglect are ignored and porn is put up as harmful which is kind of stupid.
    People can develop unhealthy habits but you can even get addicted to water.
    I do not see it as reasonable to ban porn.

  • Stop censoring the internet!

    Why the hell should ANYONE tell us what we can and can not see, can and can not do on the internet. It's not just a matter of mature, pornographic content, it's a matter of censorship in general. It's a power grab, so the government can regulate our lives. Stop this madness!

  • Doesn't harm anyone.

    There are a few types of people who watch porn. The first is the lonely person, who has sexual urges that they cannot satisfy. Wouldn't you rather someone masturbate in the privacy of their own home than go and rape somebody? Then there are couples who use it to enhance their experience. Why should they be denied that? Porn does not cause sexual thoughts. Rather, sexual thoughts cause porn watching. Sexual thoughts are innately human. Even if porn if banned, it won't prevent people from having sexual thoughts. Rather, it would prevent them from having a safe outlet.

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libriallroaster says2018-05-29T15:04:44.273
Im a tennager that is 14 years old and i watch porn. Many teens watch porn and thats because they have sexual needs. Its bascily as natural to masterbate as its natural to sleep when you want. Saying this is addiction is completly apserd. Not to mention girls masterbate to not just men.