• Definitely should be ILLegal

    Very destructive to the mind, Body and soul. Creates dysfunctional relationships and false perception of women. Boys growing up expecting instant gratification from women, Like women are at the disposal of women as some kind of object. A woman should not be able to be bought for personal pleasure. Period.

  • It can cause ED in men.

    It should be illegal cuz people can get addicted to it and not realize and as for men it can cause ED (its fact) it pretty much happend to me and now I’m siting here trying to recover, Thing is, I’m not even in my 20’s yet so it’s pretty bad!

  • 3 words needed

    Considering how many horny people would start showing up at brothels and prostitutes, maybe not...
    But pornography is bad, and lessening it out of the public eye would be better.
    It would probably increase sexual drive in those that stop watching it.
    And it could change how society values sex and bodies for the better

  • Yes ban it especially fetishes .

    The fetishes like human toilet which is most of the time some guy getting a poor or black mailed or in need woman and piss in her mouth and make her drink it others like hanging spanking tell she bleed public humiliation mostly done to young women is a big money need most of porn go to hurt women normalize humiliation of women and all the penifits go to men who watch it and men who make it .

  • It is the devil!

    Never would i watch it, your genatials fall off according to the new testimate!Never would i watch it, your genatials fall off according to the new testimate!Never would i watch it, your genatials fall off according to the new testimate!Never would i watch it, your genatials fall off according to the new testimate!

  • Its awful omg

    Objectifying women and men - making everything seem violent - it gives both woman and men awful ideas, leading them to coming addicted and sex crazy. It is not right. Children can access it . Thats insane. I dont think ive ever felt so stroingly about anything in my whole life. It is not right!!! People selling their bodies? Having complete wiredos watch it and fantaisize over it??? What?? NO, NO AND NO. Not right what the poeple in it are doing, nor the poeple who watch it. ITs awful

  • Best idea ever.

    It's not being regulated at all, nothing is done about the harmful sites(People rather) that think it's okay to literally rape women on camera and then sell it labeled as "pornography" People think they can get away with anything now because it is all out there and not regulated. Children watch porn because it's everywhere... Men (And women at times) Get bad ideas and harm others because it's as if it's okay in society. I would agree that it shouldn't be illegal except for the fact that it is not regulated(I mention this a number of times because that was your base for not making it illegal) If it were illegal it would only force people to actually go out with each other, share human contact and be polite enough to land a score... The more that happened the happier everyone would be because they'd actually be getting laid instead of touching themselves every night. Seriously it would force human contact because guys would need it(Sex I mean) More people would expand their circles of friendship in order to meet even more people, they would go out more instead of being fat lazy losers sitting in their mom's basement, seriously.... Banning porn would be in the best interest of everyone. Girls would be forced to say yes to more guys they wouldn't normally be interested in when there were no more hot guys doing it for them in threesomes of all men. All in all, if you could actually look at the bigger picture instead of being one of the losers touching yourself... You'd realize people would be much happier keeping their money and having actual intercourse rather then jerking to images. But I suppose you're still stuck in the closest and too afraid to go after the real thing.

  • Very Bad Idea

    Making porn illegal would only serve to drive it underground and make it that much harder to stop sites that promote harmful activities. People would go to more extreme lengths to indulge in their fantasies and some of this indulgence would be detrimental to society at large. At least as things stand, we can keep an easier eye on the porn industry at large, and regulate it.

  • No no no no

    Because no it is very good better than real sex and is very easy and anyone can do it also i am not going to take this seriously im just typing so i can meet the minimum amount of words needed i need 7 more wait numbers count fuck done

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