• Keep It Accessible

    It allows for sexual exploration. It also, in an odd way, educates people such as young adults and teenagers. They have to learn somehow. From a political standpoint, if a person wants to view people having sex, he or she has a right to do so. Any pornography site obviously uses people that are aware of the fact that a camera is filming them. Because of this, those individuals within the video/film are consenting to others watching their activity while on camera. I understand that specific types of pornography should and better be illegal: child porn. There is obviously some lines that better not be crossed...

  • Freedom of Wanking

    It helps release sexual tension. This helps reduce stress levels, and lowers the rate of rape. And other than uneducated religious nut jobs, everybody else is completely fine with it. Plus, it helps the economy by helping increase jobs, and helps funell tax money into social safety nets for our nation's citizens. Porn is good. Religion is bad.

  • It decreases sex crimes.

    Studies have shown that since there's been more access to pornography, accounts of rape have dropped, while in other countries, after banning the use of pornography, rape cases have inclined. Men who grow up with the hatred of pornography because their parents never wanted them to learn about sex have grown misogynistic, and will even grow up to sexually harass, molest, and even rape women.

  • Pornography is LEGAL!

    Pornography should be legalized, what is wrong about it? Nothing. It produces "freedom of speech" as stated in Amendment I of the US Constitution. Why, in the Philippines, they ban, but in some progressive first world-countries, they legalize? It's because they have their principles and I think that even though there are oppositions, it is right to legalize but with restrictions, because if we do, we won't be left behind speaking for freedom.

  • Already Is Legalized

    Porn is already legalized for people over the age of 18. The free market principles of supply and demand apply in this case--if there is demand for porn, there will be a supply. Unhappy people who are lonely end up using pornography on a regular basis to fulfill their desires. Until that unhappiness goes away, there will be a demand for porn.

  • Why to legalize?

    I know in most of the countries it is legal to make or watch a porno but it is still a crime in my country. My stance for it is quite simple and obvious. Even if it is not legalized then also its industry is booming day by day. Mediums of sharing and selling it are under full swing. To check out which of the adults are watching it or not you cannot monitor every house of the country. People are involved in this from all sectors. Even the law enforcers seem to close their eyes to this. There are desperate and curious people out there who watch it and support it but they have to do all the things hidden because it is not legalized. Due to globalization nothing is left inaccesible, so are these videos. So, it is better that Government should make it legal with certain set of rules, This way not only this business become transparent but it will also become easier for law enforcers to keep track of it.

    Posted by: svnc
  • Yes it should and it should be illegal for corporations to use it as an excuse for violating the privacy of others.

    Pornography should be legalized but so should the possession of marijuana and cannabis and cannabis oil. The right to produce and upload pornographic imagery for educational purposes should be supported by all social media. It should furthermore be illegal for corporations to go into the private data of others and collect information about them without their permission.Corporate employees and executives must respect the privacy of others. This includes respecting their privacy for example collect hentai porn. Depicting pornography that features imaginary persons should also be supported. Persons who see pornographic content featuring imaginary individuals as a threat should be treated as insane and provided with medical support. The right to conspiracy theorize and for conspiracy theorists to be protected under hate speech laws should also be supported. People who write hate speech laws must understand that using them to violate the privacy of conspiracy theorists is hate speech in itself. Cannabis, conspiracy theories, etc. have historically been linked with the porn industry and should therefore be protected under nay laws that seek to protect the industry, modernize it or use it´s services to for example combat injustice or investigate crimes. One of the biggest problems in this world is, corporate executives can access private information about people without their permission, which must end. I do oppose child pornography and have usually not used pornographic services online. The more we research porn the more we see why it is such a relative concept and why traditional laws against porn have become obsolete. For example, computer companies should contain features that protect the right of their customers to access porn. Also remember that adult behavior should not be considered to be illegal in itself if it is practiced responsibly and children are kept out of harm´s way.Strict pornography laws put children under, not beyond harm´s way, and should be suspended at all costs.Furthermore, using strict pornography laws to exploit others to produce groundless lawsuits must be prohibited. Fear porn should be allowed as long as it does not involve using staged terrorism drills to cause civil unrest.

  • Out of control.

    No matter what your stance is on. Government have no control over this subject. People usually watch these in private and hidden by default. So making any action would be super humiliating to them. Banning them would create more incentives for producers and there's nothing in history that government can really fight market. It's impossible. Unless if you tread on more human right. And that's even more awful. So government simply have no control over it. So don't try.

  • People are against the sight of what God made.

    To be against the sight of what God made is to be against yourself. Satan is self destructive. Satan, a gold and gem covered being likes to be self deceived. People have deceived themselves into thinking there is something bad about the nude form. People deceive themselves into thinking money is needed too. God in a person giving to God in another what is God's does not require money. God will be good to a person. God is needed to obtain eternal soul life avoiding eternal soul death.

  • Bad for the children

    Children can easily access the internet and they might go on porn websites. The children will grow up with the impression thinking that porn is good, as in rape and going up to women and touching them. It also gets addicting scientifically profane, they start master-bating and it leads to addiction, also sex addiction then. Porn is not always true, they will believe what is on the internet and when they actually get in bed its not what they expected.

  • Its deceptively destructive

    Its appealing, 'satisfying', 'educational', 'gives healing'... Whatever the excuses, and whatever research to back it up. I think porn is destructive, collaterally. Its get ppl wasted: family, personal productivity, work productive. Destroys the sense self respect and respect towards women. Its needs a ban. We as a society have lived the puritans era and later on the hippie revolution that sparked off the golden age of porn, both are two different extremes and both are bad. Society need to strike a balance.

  • Porn is bad

    Its really opposing our nature as human, we as human live in the concept of freedom and morality. Do you really think that people who are involved in the pornography making really have their freedom with them? I dont think so. Do you really thinks it is morally right to produce pornography. I dont think so. So, I would like to justify my stance which is we should never legalized pornography.

  • It kill´s everybody in the bussiness

    And it´s a devil´s bussiness at all. We have to fight it by a front. We have to sweep away the bastards that increase money from the suffering of the actress and actors. We have to fight them same as the mafia. We have to fight wiht a devil, not to cooperate with it.

  • It is bad

    Pornography is very harmful to a human's body and brain, it literally kills you... A lot of people suffer from it and it needs to stop and if a a any one thinks I am wrong they should go check the website fightthenewdrug.Org and learn and educate your selves . . . .

  • Think about our children

    The children, America's youth, would be watching. Think about the twelve and thirteen year old boys who would go to school and show this to there friends. By doing this we are also encouraging prostitution. Also do you want to live in a society were we encourage young men and women to become pornos? It is absolutely disgusting!

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gordonjames says2013-07-02T03:33:17.703
Where are you that it is illegal (in general)?
YYW says2013-07-02T03:37:06.607
Many countries in the middle east, a few countries in eastern Europe, most of North Africa, China and several of the pacific island states. Oh, Venezuela too.