• As long as keep children out, the pleasure of sex should be for all to enjoy

    When I say mainstream, I don't mean that I want porn films on NBC Primetime or that I think porn should be a family outing, but I don't think that porn should be a social taboo. Porn provides an outlet for sexual urges and provides the orgiastic relaxation we need from time to time. As long as we keep it out of the hands of people too young to understand it and as long as there is no harm inflicted in the film upon any of the actors, it can fit in well among other genres of film

  • They are mainstream, aren't they?

    Maybe I misunderstand the question here, but given the fact that the vast majority of people watches porn, I'd say porn is mainstream.
    Now if the question is, if they should be shown in normal theaters, or on public TV channels, I say yes.
    Porn is about sex, right? And sex is not only totally natural, it is also good, enjoyable and healthy. So there is nothing wrong with porn. If you don't like it or it goes against your beliefs, well then nobody forces you to watch it. But you can't just ban something or restrict it to special channels or theaters just because you don't like it.
    And about children it is the same with all the other 18+ rated movies and shows.
    Also, porn is easily available in the internet, so don't kid yourself into thinking kids would actually stay up all night, just to watch some porn, if they can do so with just a few clicks on their PC, no matter the time.

  • Changing civilization in our community

    Through the ages it's become more and more common for people ages 14 and above to discover such content. Usually from their own home or from influence of someone they know. It's almost become natural in our own society, but in hush hush tone. It's already in theaters, just not in all public theaters available around big crowds.

  • Who says it isn't good?

    Who says pornography isn't good for you? Every day we show our youth videos of people killing themselves and killing other peoples. Which would you think is worse? Watching people pleasure themselves? Or watching people kill each other? The Question isn't if it's good for our youth, obviously we can deter children from viewing such material through the use of the already existing movie rating system.

  • Porn is for

    Personal pleasure only. No family wants to go to a theater and see or hear pornography while trying to spend time together. Pornography is something you use for personal reasons, it is not there for the story, the action, or for criticism, it is simply around to get people aroused, and that does not need to happen in the public eye.

  • Porn should be for private viewing

    Porn like smoking should be a private affair. We should be careful to let our own things interfere with the rights of others. Let there be channels for adult porn viewing wit the necessary security passwords to prevent children from seeing porn. Its difficult not to moralize this issue but porn is not good for young people let alone anyone. So lets have boundaries not foist it on everyone else

  • Pornography should not be mainstream movies

    A controversial issue on pornography is that it creates misunderstanding in viewers on how sex really is. This causes problems in individuals as they seek potential partners. Women are often put into a lot of pressure due to mainstream styles of women such as weight, clothing and attractiveness. Pornography will cause more issues.

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