• Positive discrimination is discrimination

    Whether it's positive or negative it's just plain wrong. Yes it's sad that minority groups were mistreated it the past but having a system that's using positive discrimination as the answer isn't helping things at all. By using it you are discriminating against the other party involved. While positive discrimination was created with good intentions and has helped many people, it is helping to perpetrate the stereotypes that certain people in minority groups are not good enough like other groups and would not be able to advance in life without positive discrimination.

  • Discrimination in Any Form is Still Discrimination

    Positive discrimination is still discrimination, which shouldn't happen in today's contemporary society. People should get jobs on their own merits, not because affirmative action states certain quotas should be met. There will always be some group that feels discriminated against no matter what the situation is, whether it is women, blacks, Asians, Native Americans or gays. Only when we are truly equal will there be an absence of discrimination.

  • Positive discrimination should be discouraged.

    Positive discrimination is an oxymoron. There is no such thing. Any discrimination is negative, someone is being discriminated against. Everyone should have the same options, the same freedoms, the same chances. To discriminate is to tell someone they aren't good enough, they are of less worth than someone else. That should never be encouraged.

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