Should possession of semi-automatic and automatic firearms by civilians be outlawed in the U.S.?

  • Yes they should be

    Yes, possession of semi-automatic and automatic firearms by civilians should absolutely be outlawed in the United States. I do not see any reason at all why any private citizen would need to possess such powerful weapons. They are not useful in hunting and are not absolutely essential in self defense.

  • Yes, possession of semi automatic firearms should be outlawed period.

    Semi-automatic and automatic firearms only cause death and destruction. Rifles and guns are good enough to hunt with, and that should be for food. All these automatic firearms cause overkill. It gives a person a sense of power. Civilians have no business possessing them and they should be outlawed immediately.

  • Civilians should be able to own any firearm

    If semi-auto matic/automatic firearms are banned in the US, it will make it harder for people to defend themselves. As the saying goes, If firearms are outlawed then only outlaws will have them. This is the same for semi/automatic arms. Semi/automatic arms are NOT used to kill or massacre others. That is a common misconception. They are used for Hunting, self defence and collecting. They can be used in hunting because just say someone was to go pig hunting and there are multiple pigs with one hunter. How is that hunter suppose to take out all of those wild pigs with a bolt action rifle.

  • The 2nd amendment is clear.

    The 2nd amendment says we have the right to be equally armed as the standing army. Of course I'm talking about conventional small arms as well as vehicles and artillery. We should have the right to bear machine guns, launchers, tanks and aerial vehicles. Nuclear and chemical weapons are unconventional and have no place in the world.

  • ABSOLUTELY NOT! People, Please Read the Constitution

    First of all, I believe in what the United States was formed upon, and the document that it used to accomplish formation. The constitution is NOT a "living" document. It is a history document that should guide how government in our country should happen. Yes, I understand that semi-auto and automatic firearms do not have a lot of practical purpose besides extreme self defense situations; however, the "right to bear arms" is in the constitution to PROTECT the citizens from THEIR OWN GOVERNMENT. I don't want to be under armed when corrupt government officials start pointing their automatic weapon at me... God forbid that ever happens...

  • No, the legal possession of semi-automatic and automatic firearms by civilians should not be outlawed.

    No the legal possession of semi-automatic and automatic firearm should be outlaws, but should be regulated as it currently is. Under the terms of the The National Firearms Act (NFA) cannot possess a fully automatic firearm without a Class III permit from the AFT. The government does have compelling interest in controlling access to semi-automatic firearms.

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