• Paying for school makes you gay

    If you pay for school your gay, If it's free. Your not paying for school if it's free. EZ CLAPS, SO IN CONCLUSION, YOUR GAY IF YOU PAY FOR SCHOOL, REAL NIBBA'S ( I ain't blacc) DON'T PAY FOR SCHOOL SO WHY SHOULD I? THANKS FOR LISTENING, THAT WAS MY debate

  • Just yes ok thank u very much

    No argument needed kids its a yes from me and from u and from ur mom and ur dad and ur grandma and grandpa and ur man said yes too so just know its a yes and it will always be a yes ok little yutes now end of discussion

  • It would make school live

    Making it free would make school so live and all the top demons who are broke and fawad to university without going into debt and it would just raise all universities popularity. If you are one of the 23% and truly believe that post-secondary education shouldn't be free then you should reconsider and join our side, nuff said.

  • Of couse ..

    My boi lil pump graduated from harvard dog, and it should him 0$, now look at his life he a savage, earning b ig american bucks, like who ever says no tghey should go naize their lips, so yea cheese is amazing. I like beef and ham sandwuches and piiz.

  • It's basically the minimum

    A degree has become the minimum standard for entry-level jobs. What once required only a high school diploma now requires a student to go $40,00 in debt. The pay has not increased in relativity, either. If one even wants a CHANCE at middle-class living in their adulthood, a student must start their adult life going thousands of dollars in debt whilst their parent's never had to.

  • Having more money=having more success

    While it can be argued that the above statement holds true it can also be argued that success itself should not equate with one's wealth. There are many able minded students who could shape the world as we know it in a much more beneficial way had they persued post secondary but were unfortunately unable to attend due to the cost. Why should we allow the wealthy to suceed? Simple: money = power. In our society money will always equal power and therefore the sucessful should be wealthy. While tax payer's dollars may increase due to post secondary being free, it would be benneficial to the attendees who are able minded but less fortunate

    everyone should be able to do what they love. Money is the only barrier

  • It should be free

    I do not want to b broke and living on the street so i think i should be able to go to university for free or i will be broke and working at mcdonalds and stealing all the groos leftovers from the garbage so there i need 3 more words

  • Hey i likecheese

    Cheese is very good and i think everyone should love cheese just as much as i do because it is life and its cooler than u will ever be but for real tho this should be free because im broke af and cheese is life and paying for school is not.

  • The Importance of Knowledge

    Everyone has a right to learn, in a better, civilized world, not only the rich would be able to afford post secondary education. I think that everyone should be able to attend university free of charge so that everybody does attend university, so that everyone can become knowledgable, so that everyone is able to make good decisions.

  • Yes most defiantly!!

    You really see the ignorance of people when they cannot understand or except CHANGE..Some of these garbage men, cashiers etc have degrees and cannot or are not able at this time to get into the field of their choice!! It surprises me that this will help the economy of kids of not being idle and have an excuse now to follow their dreams and get that piece of paper that know one can take away from them..!! Their EDUCATION!! LCK-2016

  • No, it is too expensive.

    No, post-secondary education should not be free, because the government cannot pay for everything. If it were free, there would be nothing to control the university's costs, and they would demand more and more money. Now, when education becomes too expensive, the students simply look to attend another school that will not charge as much.

  • Students won't try as hard

    If students were to go to college for free that would mean that they could go just to go. Students might take their education less seriously if they don't pay for it. The students that do pay for it actually try hard and study to get their degree in whatever their taking.

  • People wouldn't take this advantage for the best.

    People are stupid and wouldn't not take it seriously. Also you might not even have a job right after college. Truthfully i think people wouldn't take this seriously. Plus are taxes would go up and people who are working really hard would get less money because minim wage would probably go down.

  • People might not take it seriously.

    I am a bit stuck in the middle of both choices, but I don't think that it should be free. It could maybe be a bit less ixpensive though because one reason that you see people on the streets is because they could not afford to go to school so, they don't have a job. I find this a big problem.

  • Tax dollar increase

    If post secondary was free that would leave the tax payers to pay for someone else's education because if the students don't pay, who would? The tax dollar does not need to get any higher, so making people work for something that they want is the proper thing to do

  • It's to expensive

    If secondary education is free the government won't be able to support the country and the taxes will also go up and the government gets money from our taxes and the government will not be able to give money for military spending and nobody will look for small job's such as cashiers,tow truck drivers and those who pick up the garbage

  • You learn nothing

    While yes you will learn actual facts in college, if it is free it may be taught half ass and you will not learn life skills. You will not learn the easy way that everything is not free! You will not learn how to over come thigs as much as you would with education you have tot pay for.

  • Will it be taken as seriously?

    The high expenses of university almost allows students to fully understand the importance of university and its full meaning, so if you did not have to pay for higher schooling more test would be bombed and more students would overall be dropping out or failing.So in conclusion no I don't believe post secondary education needs to be completely free

  • Nothing is ever 'Free'

    Secondary schooling cannot be free. The universities and colleges still have to pay their staff. Where would the money come from? Taxes. Taxes would rise up, and the public would once again be debating about money. This time, about abolishing tax because it's too much. True, most students get out of university or college with a large amount of debt, but if the issue is debt, why not argue instead, about getting better student help programs? That would be more reasonable. Students learn how to be money conscience because of this. They become more responsible. If they know everything would be handled by the government, they wouldn't be responsible. Also, the tuition money is used not only to pay for equipment and staff, it is also for research. Many universities and colleges use them for medical research, such as cancer. So maybe the debate should not focus on having free secondary education, but better programs for student debt. The money also goes to improve technology, like the MRI. Everybody wants happiness, nobody wants pain, but you can’t have a rainbow without a little rain.

  • Nogin in the blip

    How could you do this? I cannot Believe that this is a true fact! This is exactly what you get. Bad for you good for me. Arrrggghh I am i am II i i i I i i i i i i i i i i i i i i sorry for stuttering

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