Should postmortem animal predation be encouraged as a funeral alternative?

Asked by: sodoff
  • It's more natural and gives back to nature

    I think it would be wonderful if my body was feeding my beloved pets. Also lions, crocodiles, and bears are beautiful creatures. If my carcass helped them survive then a little bit of good can still be done after my death. It's kind of the like the circle of life thing.

    A rotting body in a coffin or some scattered ashes are a waste. I understand why most people want them but I think we should also be more free to consider an alternative, to give back to nature. I would find it a privilege to feed an animal with my corpse (perhaps not so to be attacked an eaten whilst I'm breathing though!). However we should bear in mind that by doing this we could be giving animals a taste for human flesh and that is a grave (no pun intended) concern.

  • It’s already a thing

    Tibetan sky burial is an old tradition where vultures are allowed to consume human corpses. Since these vultures only eat the dead, That negates the argument that animals could start seeking out living human flesh for food. This could be applied in the US in a more controlled environment, Even utilizing dermestid beetles. . .

  • I agree completely.

    Firstly, I don't like the idea of being put in a coffin. I don't care if I'm dead, I'm not being put in a coffin.

    Secondly, without being poetic, I'd prefer my body being eaten and having no trace left over being a disgusting, revolting carcass left to rot away in a cramped coffin.

    Thirdly, dying costs too much money. I think it's absolutely pathetic that we cannot even die without having some greedy scumbags reaching into our pockets. I don't want to be a part of this nonsense.

  • Yes, BUT. There might be consequences.

    So, perhaps this isn't the ideal category, as I think that basically it is a great idea, but the consequences can be quite disturbing. If wild animals are encouraged to eat humans, even dead, then they may begin to see humans in general as a viable food source. That could bring about major consequences for the animals concerned, as it would necessitate culling.
    Unless this means specifically scavenging animals such as condors and smaller mammals, as I don't think they would have that issue. Or specially kept captive populations.
    Definitely not LIONS however

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