• Tentatively, yes

    I believe that it should be legalized but given under medical condition status. Unfortunately this would open a can of worms in terms of accessibility, but if someone wants to smoke pot-- chances are, they know someone who can provide it to them. If it's legalized but given as a controlled substance with stricter guidelines than cigarettes then I think it'd be good for the people who can actually use the drug to help their pain. I don't think it should be just legalized and let "anyone" just have it- but I do think there should be leniency as a medical condition pain reliever. If I were in horrible pain or going through cancer, I would want something to take my pain away and I wish that for anyone else suffering with horrible symptoms.

  • Pot Should Be Legalized

    Pot has been smoked for thousands of years and will continue to be smoked, whether it is legal or not.
    Prisons should be for people who commit crimes against others - like smoking marijuana is a crime against the other?So you can say that is bad for your health. Ok, so lets put anyone eating butter and butter in prison leads to more diseases than pot does.In addition, many states have medical marijuana laws. Hummmm, the medical community agrees that marijuana has its place in helping and healing the mind and body.Again, we are not talking about health issues. And if you're planning on bringing the "pot is bad for the lungs" argument - think vaporizer or ingesting the food tasty. No smoke - no lung problems.
    I personally do not smoke and I have for several decades - however, I do not think anyone should go to jail, pay a fine and no criminal record because they do.
    It should be a personal choice - no choice of government!If you do not believe in legalization, then at least think about decriminalization.

    Posted by: Jhon
  • Marijuana should be legal.

    Marijuana should be legal. People over twenty one should be able to buy marijuana for recreational use. By twenty one someone should be able to decide if they do or do not want to use marijuana. There are many benefits to legalizing marijuana, including tax revenue and a reduced black market drug trade.

  • Illegal Pot

    No, I don't that that pot or marijuana should be legalized. It causes so many problems with impairment and poor judgement. It's like alcohol and a person should not drive or operate machinery while under the influence. The only legalization I think for pot should be for pain relief clinics in the United States.

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