Should potential lives be created solely for the purpose of experimentation and never be allowed to grow to a full term?

  • For the purpose of scientific research, yes

    This critical research could help us to arrive at important medical advancements, especially for genetic diseases and diseases affecting cellular tissue.

    If they don't grow to full term then they are not human persons anymore than an aborted embryo or aborted fetus is. If you're going to oppose this then to be consistent you have to also favor a ban on abortion.

  • This could save lots of people

    If people were created with the purpose of being experimented on to cure cancer, the sacrifice of a few lives, of people created for that purpose alone, could save the lives of thousands, possibly millions of people with families who are waiting for them to come home from the hospital. This could lead to advances in medical science. While it may go against basic human rights, we're no better than the pigs who we test our cures on, or the rats who we experiment on.

  • Humans should all have rights

    Even if the child is born purely for the purpose of scientific research, that is taking the life of a human being away. It is inhumane, and it never even gives the person a chance to live. It is basically torture. It is not fair to that child to not even give them a chance to live. And, what if something happens to them? Would we really want to injure or kill a human being just for science?

  • Sounds like the theme of the X-Men Comics

    Legality aside. From a human rights perspective, this should never be allowed. I mean experimentation is bad enough, but then we're also just going to straight up murder these scientifically created humans. I don't doubt that this could happen somewhere if it's not already happening somewhere, but if the question is should this be allowed? No. Let's leave this to sci-fi and comics. The world is a pretty disturbing place already.

  • It already happens...

    How do you think we know so much about eggs and sperm. Where do you think lab rats come from? Do you think scientists are running about in the jungle stealing chimps from their homes? In the future, the issue will be super rich intergalactic criminals creating super human slave armies born with biological weapons part of them and taking over the universe. Over the top, but I would bet a coffee on it.

    Posted by: S3RP
  • They deserve a chance

    Everyone deserves a chance at life. Why should we decide that one life is any less of value than another? We should be loving, and not destructive.
    Just never snuff out someone else's flame because it will benefit you in the short term, because all it does is degrades society's morals long term.

  • It shouldn't be necessary

    I am not against using animals for these experiments. We do need to apply a medical technique first for it's safety and possible consequences before applying it to a human being.
    We should not be directly experimenting on a potential human life.
    We are not animals and our lives are more valuable, and should be respected. Dehumanization should not be used for experimentation.

  • Other Methods Should be Adopted

    There should be other methods looked at compared to creating lives to be destroyed/deformed and then killed. Instead, maybe use life that has lived it's life already rather than cutting a new one short. That way there is a fair share of life and death will be on the doorstep anyhow for the people that have lived life.

  • That's just cruel

    All though they aren't fully developed, they are still humans and still deserve rights. If there are any experiments that NEED done, couldn't they do it on animals instead? Of course, this already happens with abortion ( which I do not support) but at least with abortion, it is sometimes for the benefit of the child ( ex. Maybe the mother can't take care of them). Experimentation on humans is OK if they are adults who give you their consent, but a fetus obviously cannot do that.

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