• It's Hard to do.

    Power-lifting and training to do so, takes just as much work and talent as Olympic weightlifting. To say one is harder than the other is absurd. Power lifting is just as worthy of being in the Olympics as any of the other sports, such as bowling. Bowling takes zero talent to be good at, power lifting isn't at all like that.

  • Yes, it is athletic.

    Yes, powerlifting should become an Olympic sport, because weightlighting is pretty amazing. People who lift weights are extremely dedicated and after many hours alone in the gym, can do some pretty amazing things. Being the best powerlifter in the world is definitely deserving of an Olympic medal, and it should be made a part of the Olympic Games.

  • It is a good sport

    Powerlifting is more measurable than a lot of sports that are in the Olympics such as gymnastics or figure skating. If it is to become an Olympic sport, the IPF is probably the way to go as the sport needs consistency and strict judging if it is to grow. All of these federations are just hindering our sport.

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